How To Make An Essay Longer The Right Way – 8 Useful Tips

how to make an essay longer

Are you someone who writes essays frequently but cannot lengthen your essay? Do you also find ways or wonder about how to make your essay longer or add more words to it?

Writing an essay is an art, and lengthening it is a bigger one. Let’s accept that writing an essay of the desired word count can be a struggle for anyone who is not well-practised and experienced. The length of an essay is essential as well as a critical element of any good essay. 

Every college student faces the difficulty of not able to write a longer essay. Students also try some techniques like using wide margins, increasing the font size, etc., to write a longer article. These methods might lengthen the essay, but there are better options available that will add volume to the word length of the essay and make it neat, clean, and lengthy. 

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Ways To Make Your Essay Longer

Check out the points below to learn how to add more words to your essay without using any false technique or disappointing your teacher.

1. Break the paragraphs

Make sure that all the paragraphs are evenly broken and have the correct formatting. The essay sections should have a definite statement followed by evidence or argument in favor of the idea. This will create an impact on the reader and cover more space resulting in lengthening the essay. 

If you’ve already written an essay, you can check all the paragraphs whether they have a bold statement and evidence or argument in their favor. Format your article in such a way to increase the word count and fill the desired pages.

2. Use more transitional phrases

Using more and more transitional phrases is one of the best ways to write longer essays or increase an essay’s word count. Using transitional phrases will help you increase the word count of the essay and help you take the readers from one idea or sentence to another smoothly. Below given are some of the transitional phrases that you can use:

  • In order to
  • In Spite of the fact that
  • Even Though
  • Although
  • As a matter of fact
  • In addition
  • Not only … but also
  • Firstly/secondly
  • Due to the fact that
  • Not to mention
  • Similarly
  • Moreover
  • Furthermore
  • Similarly

3. Give more and more examples

When you think about making your essay longer, the first thing that should strike your mind is to give examples or evidence about all the statements or claims you’ve made in the whole content. 

Read the full essay and see whether all the statements are backed by examples or not. If not, then add examples by conducting research, which will result in lengthening the essay automatically. This is one of the more natural ways to lengthen an essay. 

If you have multiple examples for an idea or statement, then don’t hesitate to use both of them in your essay.

4. Use Quotes/Quotations

Quotations are a great way if you want to increase the word length of your essay. Quotes help prove the points you’ve mentioned in the article and contribute to the essay’s word count increase. 

You have to make sure that the essay is not too full of quotes, making it evident for your teacher to realize that the excerpts are used to increase the word length.

5. Check the outline of the essay again

Did you outline the essay in the beginning? If yes, you should recheck it and rearrange the paragraphs accordingly to format them correctly and make the writing more meaningful. While doing that, find out points that you forgot to mention and write about them. 

Make an outline if you haven’t made one, as it will give you an answer if you wonder how to make an essay longer. Outlines help you in structuring the essay and contribute to proving the points mentioned in the essay systematically.

6. Review the Introduction and the conclusion

You will keep getting more and more ideas as you write the essay. All the ideas that you’ve presented in the article might not be included in the outline or the introduction. This means that you have a broad scope in expanding your opening, resulting in making the essay longer. 

It also might happen that you’ve not mentioned the key points that were presented in the introduction. So review the introduction and write the essay according to that. 

In the end, your essay should end in such a way that it leaves the reader with a clear idea or a solution. So write the conclusion to give an image or a resolution regarding the points or argument presented in the essay. 

If you haven’t written the introduction, conclusion, or essay concerning each other, then go and edit it. All of this will automatically solve the question of how to lengthen an essay?

7. Proofreading

Proofreading is one of the essential steps of writing an essay. It won’t directly help in lengthening the essay but allow you to find mistakes in the article. 

When you correct the mistakes, you will write more with a clear picture and make your essay longer.

8. Take help from teachers

Teachers are always happy to help students in every way possible. You can take help from your teachers if you’re not understanding how to make your essay longer. 

Your teacher will guide you in the right direction and let you know the areas of improvement and methods to improve as well.


Increasing the length of an essay is not a very difficult task as long as you know the correct methods and techniques. If you apply all the ways given above, you will write a much longer essay than you want to. 

We hope that the question of how to make an essay longer’ has been solved after reading this article.

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