7 Gift Ideas for Your Special Guy this Christmas

christmas gift ideas for men

Christmas is coming!

You can already hear Christmas songs playing, and some are even putting up decors all over their homes and some establishments. With the giving season near, there are so many gift ideas to choose from. It can get overwhelming as the market offers so many things. For the special man in your life, get him something truly special. He can be your husband, boyfriend, brother, dad, or boss. Whoever he is, he’s someone you want to feel loved. We want to help lessen the hassle of you going through hundreds of items you can choose from for your special man.

In this article, we’ve hand-picked seven awesome Christmas gift ideas for your man. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Beautiful timepiece

They say time is the most valuable gift you can give someone. So, what better way to express that than with a beautiful timepiece? An exquisite watch like the ones from Emporio Armani is a great choice! Their watches are made to last for years to come.

An excellent quality watch can make a great heirloom someday, too! So get your special man a watch that’s versatile for his meetings and special events. He will surely love a beautiful timepiece that’s both fashionable and functional. It can serve as a great add-on to his outfit and something that tells the time.

2. Bluetooth speakers

Whether it’s your dad, brother, boyfriend, or boss, any man likes to listen to music. With Spotify and iTunes music becoming more prominent in this digital age, music is easily accessible.

Make your special man enjoy and immerse himself in his favourite music with some excellent quality Bluetooth speakers! He’ll surely enjoy jamming to his favourite tunes and playlists more.

3. Dress shoes

A good pair of leather dress shoes is something every man needs in their footwear collection. Although sneakers or plimsolls are comfy and great for daily wear, a nice pair of dress shoes are great for formal and semi-formal occasions.

Get your man a pair in a dark hue for him to easily match with any suit or outfit. Good quality leather shoes can last him for years. So, get a pair of excellent quality.

4. 2021 planner

This year has been a crazy roller coaster ride because of the pandemic. We’re all hoping for a better year in 2021. With the development of a vaccine for the Coronavirus, more plans can be made. Whether it’s a trip for business or leisure, having a planner is a great idea.

Let your man schedule his trips and dates with a good quality planner. With everything going digital, still, nothing beats an old-fashioned planner. He can look back at it.

5. Leather belt

Another gift idea that can be both fashionable and functional is a leather belt! This accessory is also a need in every man’s wardrobe. Even if your man’s trousers are well-fitted, having a belt still makes an outfit better.

When tucking in his shirt, a belt completes the overall look! So get one in a dark brown or black colour to easily match with his clothes. The hardware can either be gold or silver, but a black finish is the most versatile.

6. Calf-length socks

Believe it or not, socks are one of the best gifts to give! You may not have wanted them when you were younger, but as you age, you’ll appreciate getting them.

Socks are an excellent gift for men because they can use it for going out and lounging around. And let’s admit, for some weird reason, one sock always gets lost. Even if you’re doing the laundry by yourself, you always end up with just one sock. So get your man a few pairs of calf-length socks for Christmas. He’ll surely appreciate it!

7. Aviator sunglasses

Sunglasses also fit the category of function and style. Get your man a pair of aviator glasses for Christmas. Aviators fit most face shapes and will make sunny days something to look forward to.

Your man will surely be thrilled with a good pair of specs he can use on sunny days or look cool when he’s outside.

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Get him the best this Christmas!

And there you have it, seven awesome gift ideas for your favourite guy! Make him feel extra special this Christmas with any of the things we’ve listed above.

All we’ve featured are great items that are sure to make him happy. With so many things to choose from, we hope this article narrows down your choices.

It can get overwhelming to look at hundreds to thousands of gift ideas available in the market. These gift ideas are fool-proof and will surely make your special guy feel special. See his face light up as he opens your gift for him this Christmas. Go on, get him the best. Enjoy the holidays!

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