Online Flower Shopping to Beat the Birthday Blues During Lockdown

online birthday gift flower shopping

The world is in the throes of a pandemic that has forced a global lockdown where social distancing and self-isolation are becoming the norms. But, does that mean one should stop celebrating the good things in life? 

On the contrary, we should be commemorating personal milestones, like a birthday, even more! They can be the only silver lining for some people, while also signifying the celebration of life itself. Send birthday flowers to Melbourne and make someone’s (pandemic) birthday celebration even more memorable.

Say it with flowers

Historically, flowers have always been the most preferred birthday gift, especially if the recipient happens to be a special someone, like a girlfriend or a partner. Be it the lovely tulip, the mighty lilac, the gorgeous orchids, or the evergreen roses; flowers are sure to convey your love.

With the rise of e-commerce enterprises, online flower shopping is an excellent option under the current circumstances. An online florist will often have even more variety on offer than your local brick-and-mortar store. Here are some significant reasons for you to consider an online flower order.

Customized decorations: All want that personal touch to be reflected in a birthday gift. Flowers, carefully chosen for the meanings they convey, especially for the intended recipient, serves just this purpose. Show her how much thought you have put into picking out the blooms. Leave it to the experts of an online flower shop in Melbourne to work their magic on the final decorations, just the way she likes them.

Avail same-day delivery services

The most professional flower delivery in Melbourne will also be efficient enough to ensure the service on the same day that you place the order. This makes up for any lapses in memory that you might have experienced and saves you the blushes and regrets of having forgotten an important birthday!

No dearth of options

With online flower delivery services, you can now send flowers to Melbourne any time of the year, in any season you choose to. No more running around stores in town to find the perfect flower for the season.

The presence of a variety of specialist online florists gives you the flexibility to shop around without having to travel anywhere. Now, that is what we call a truly seamless shopping experience!

Beat the queue

In today’s super busy world, taking out the time to actually shop around for flowers, no matter how well-meaning your intentions are, may not work out eventually.

With online flower delivery, this problem has been efficiently solved. Just a few clicks on your computer or smart mobile devices, and you have your lovely bouquet ready for dispatch! Also, reviews and ratings on websites are a right way of deciding to opt for a service or not.

Contactless delivery of birthday flowers

This is a must for any services to continue, as per government guidelines. So, make sure the florist you choose online has these policies in place.

What does it mean, anyway?

The contact-free delivery only works when the delivery agent does the following:

  • Place the flowers on the doorstep of the recipient’s address.
  • Knock on the door.
  • Step back from the door and wait at a safe distance while waiting for the recipient to answer. 
  • Signatures are not required.
  • If the recipient is under home quarantine, the delivery agent should ideally leave the flowers in a pre-arranged place while leaving a note in the letterbox.

Ideas for digital birthday gifts

Apart from the beauty of flowers, curate a birthday gift, digitally. There are many online services, florists included, that are offering add-ons to floral birthday bouquets, including fun activities such as puzzles and games. 

You can even send them their favorite books, beauty products or jewelry to wear on their special day. Indulge in some curios and memorabilia to spruce up their home décor. A few other unique selections include:

Personalized video greeting

Select from your favorite photographs of your best memories together or those individual ones that you cherish. Simply upload it onto the service provider’s website. Personalize your video message. Voila!

All these elements together will produce a music piece, with a funny/ romantic/ soulful background score that is sure to win her heart once more.

E-greeting card

Digital greeting cards are not a new phenomenon. However, their relevance is being felt anew in the age of lockdown. It is also an eco-friendly way of celebrating someone special in your life.

There are plenty of such resources to choose from online, with some of them offering customizations on designs.

Personalised e-story books

For the bookworm in him/ her, opt for e-books as birthday gifts. Like flowers, books are timeless, and their appeal will never go out of fashion.

Gift an online course

A little offbeat, some people do like a surprise health package. Gift them an online course in yoga, dance, or even online photography (we have our own definitions of ‘healthy’).

Finally, the celebration itself

The lockdown is certainly preventing big celebratory birthday gatherings, parties, or any physical contact. The new norm seems to be virtual parties on video calling platforms. So, get on the cloud and sing a happy birthday song. 

To make it even more memorable and to bring in some elements of the community celebration, have your friends and neighbors join in the virtual party. Promise to meet up for a real party soon!

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