Learning Under Lockdown: Sign Up with an E-Learning Centre

Learning Under Lockdown: Sign Up with an E-Learning Centre

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the ensuing lockdown, has brought the world to a standstill. The education sector also has not escaped the consequences of such an unprecedented crisis with schools and colleges facing indefinite closures.

The result has been that all stakeholders in the field of education have had to think on their toes to keep the process of learning going. Increasingly, a paradigm shift is taking place over the past few months, whereby online classes are becoming a norm.

The rising phenomenon of online coaching

The art of teaching is undergoing a sea change because teachers have had to make the shift, sometimes reluctantly, to conducting remote classes on digital platforms.

Each day of the week, thousands of students log in to their computers, smartphones, or tablets to access online lectures, solve digital worksheets, and use e-learning material for success in academics.

E-learning platforms already existed before the implementation of the lockdown. However, nowadays, online classes are also being conducted via such interfaces as Skype, Zoom, etc.

While the learning goals remain the same, students are now also benefited from the exposure to various technological tools. Learning at home also helps in making the environment more relaxed.

Greater flexibility with e-learning centre

As the constraints of a fixed schedule are relaxed, owing to the closure of schools, students have greater freedom to pursue extracurricular activities. This also means they are less under pressure to continuously keep up with classroom studies.

The students, as a result, feel more in control of their schedules. Moreover, there are other noticeable advantages to enrolling into an e-learning centre.

1. Cost-effective

The world of online coaching offers cost-effective solutions, not least because the everyday costs of commuting to schools is nullified. Add to that various ancillary costs such as fuel for those who travel by their own cars, the availability of public transport, and so on.

2. Easier to attend

Since online classes offer the flexibility of schedule and duration of classes, it also leads to increased attendance among students. Children today are born into a technological world, with digital tools available at their fingertips.

When these are also made available in their space of learning, it is bound to create more interest.

3. Continuous evaluation

As student feedback, performances are stored online, it becomes easier for teachers to modify the learning materials according to the learning needs of students.

A system of continuous evaluation also leads to greater improvements in student performances.

Students are also encouraged to ask more questions and seek clarity, something they may feel shy to do in a classroom space.

4. Personalized learning

With online coaching classes, students can customize their learning sessions, focussing on areas they feel weak in.

Everything from the learning environment to the study materials can be curated as per the needs of an individual student.

Greater engagement guaranteed

In a world driven by technological innovations and digital content, online coaching classes, with their visually appealing learning tools make studying more attractive for students.

This results in greater student engagement. The digital content can be accessed anytime, from anywhere across the world.

In fact, using digital tools might be a better option when it comes to teaching some concepts.

For example, using augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, students can be engaged in a truly immersive understanding of their past. History lessons will no longer be the yawning bore as they used to be in some schools.

Online tutors mean individualized attention

Many students are shy to ask questions in class. Some students may be better at mathematics, while some others may prefer their geography over chemistry lessons. No two students are the same and their needs vary accordingly.

In a conventional classroom set-up, it becomes challenging for one teacher to cater to the individualized learning needs of each student, no matter how small the size of the class. However, this problem can be tackled effectively with online tutoring.

Many online tutors offer guided discussions and personal Q&A sessions during after-class hours. This not only results in building student’s confidence but also contributes towards enhancing their problem-solving skills, as well as communication.

Social distancing with online coaching classes

Self-isolation and social distancing are the two most frequently mentioned phrases to have emerged from the coronavirus-induced lockdown.

As a measure of safety, many schools will continue to down their shutters to ensure their students, teachers and other staff members do not risk exposure to the virus.

Switching to online education can ensure that the quality of education does not suffer, while also guaranteeing public safety.

Learning beyond academics

Online coaching is not just about sticking to the school syllabus. Many e-learning platforms also offer courses in extra-curricular activities, such as music lessons, exercise and yoga, public speaking, art and craft, and so on. This reflects the goal of e-learning, namely, the all-round development of a child.

Students who sign up for these courses also get to meet several other students from the various socio-cultural background. This contributes to the growth of a child as a member of human society.

Global estimates put the number of students out of the classroom, as a result of various lockdown and social distancing measures, at over 1.2 billion. Experts on the subject have also demonstrated how online learning can contribute to increased retention among children. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that online learning is the way forward.

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