3 Best Chanel Watches as Holiday Gifts for Women

chanel watches for women

It’s the time of the year again! As everyone prepares for the holiday season, you probably are too. If you are already working on your list of gifts for your mother, wives, or sisters, consider giving them a timeless, luxury watch.

When you talk about a luxury watch, you can never go wrong with Chanel. Every girl loves Chanel. This French brand is well known for its popular collections of fashionable clothing and fine jewelry. They are one of the most trusted brands in the industry that most collectors choose. Plus, they look pretty.

Why choose Chanel watch for women?

For decades, Chanel has established a reputation for creating luxury items. Their collection of Chanel watches undoubtedly the best holiday gift, as it represents the intensity of your love and care. Founded by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, the humble store that started in Paris’s streets has evolved from remarkable apparel to sparkling accessories. 

The first Chanel watch launched in 1987 was a big hit to every woman, while its elegance has also captured every man’s hearts. As each series is uniquely-crafted with stunning designs and mechanisms, you will find the best watch that will make your loved ones happy this holiday season.

Top Chanel watches for women

Chanel has released a lot of collections throughout the years. They always keep up with the demands of the ever-evolving market. From the first Premier collection that was initially launched in 1987 to the J12 collection released in 2000, you will find the same quality watch that every enthusiast loves and cherishes. 

They never lost their classy touch, even after releasing the Mademoiselle Privé collection in 2012 and the BOYFRIEND series in 2015. Until today, the House of Chanel is still true to its promise of creating the finest luxury watches.

Let us share with you some of the best Chanel watches that work best as a holiday gift. You can choose from this variety of options that will excite you while shopping. 

1. Premiére Rock H5313

The Premiére Rock H5313 is a classic piece of stunning watch. Crafted with mother-of-pearl, the dial can surely capture the heart of every woman. It’s a head-turner piece of art that ensembles elegance and class. It also has a unique feature with its octagon shape made of premier steel.

Your wrist will look like royalty with this watch because of its unique triple row chain bracelet strap paired with a beautiful leather in the shade of red. This also promises high-precision performance, as it has a Quartz movement and water-resistant feature.

More than just its beauty, this watch is also dependable, as you can use it daily.

2. Moon Phase J12 H3405

The H3405 Moon Phase model is one of the best pieces in the J12 collection. Made with pure ceramic, its dial is ultimately a showstopper with 54 brilliant-cut diamonds, with 1.42 carat each, on top of it.

As if it’s not outstanding enough, adding to its unique feature is the glass made with opaline and 63-brilliant cut diamonds with 3.42 carat each. More than just a functional watch, J12 Moon Phase is also a fine piece of jewellery equipped with a white ceramic strap that looks like a sophisticated bracelet.

It’s also water-resistant and built with a self-winding mechanism.

3. Mademoiselle Privé H4583

If you are looking for a crafted watch with intricate details, then H4583 is the best choice for you. Featuring detailed artwork on the dial, it is topped with 50 brilliant-cut diamonds to add posher.

It will be as if looking at its black circle dial as if looking at a miniature painting sculpted with gold. The dial case is also made with 18K beige gold and 617 diamonds sprinkled around it like snow. All these are topped with a black alligator strap that completes the overall aesthetic of this fine creation.

The diamonds and gold popped with the minimalist black theme. This watch is also working on a mechanical movement with a self-winding mechanism and is also water-resistant.

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Take your pick

These 3 are only a few pieces in the entire Chanel watch collection. You can still choose other models such as the Coco Crush Jewelry watch, a quilted motif, and a unique square-shaped dial made with 18K white gold and topped with sparkles of diamonds.

You can also choose something eclectic like the Première Camélia Skeleton watch, made with white gold and brilliant-cut diamonds that looks like an elegant clockwork.

You can go with the classic smaller version of the Première Chain watch with a black-lacquered dial made with superior steel. Regardless of what you need, you’re such to find a piece of Chanel for every woman.

We hope this article helps you get the best Chanel watch that’s perfect for you or the special woman in your life.

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