Top Chopard Happy Sport Watches for Women

chopard watches for women

Finding the perfect watch is like finding an ideal match. It has to fit right, figuratively, and literally. With all the luxury watches available in the market, it may sometimes be hard to look for a watch that will reflect your style, personality, and desires.

If you are currently searching for something different from the usual names in the watch industry, let us introduce you to the Chopard Happy Sport collection.

The humble beginnings

An artisan watchmaker, Louis-Ulysse Chopard, found a watch house that started in 1885. He named it Chopard. His dream is to create a watch with an innovative design and a reliable high-precision mechanism. Through the years, Chopard has established a reputation in the watchmaking industry in Switzerland and neighboring countries such as Russia, Poland, and Hungary.

In 1993, Chopard envisioned creating a timeless piece that will combine the elegance of diamonds and steel sturdiness. A unique combination as it is, the Happy Sport collection made waves as one of the finest jewelry watches in the market.

Intricate details and high-quality materials

Diamonds are forever, and they don’t fade away with time. It’s also the founding principle of Chopard for creating this collection. Just like their signature prima ballerina swirling between sapphire crystals, the Happy Diamonds on the dial has become an iconic feature of the Happy Sport collection.

Another ensemble that makes this design memorable is the iconic strap that looks like a little pebble and the oval-shaped dial surrounded by sparkling diamonds. And to complete its overall aesthetic, Happy Sport is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement of 09.01-C, a pride in-house manufactured mechanism.

Chopard Happy Sport Watches for Women

Since its launch, Chopard has been consistently creating iconic models that will surely stand out in watch stores. Being the first watch to combine diamonds with stainless steel, it’s truly a remarkable piece of accessory.

Here are some showstopping models you can consider:

1. Happy Sport Oval

A classic look made with white gold and diamonds; this model will be something you should have in your collection. The metal and crown are made with 18-carat gold, making it look more elegant and unique, while the back case is a see-through sapphire crystal.

Its oval dial has a Mother of Pearl with guilloche center and diamonds with 3 carats each. The Happy Sport Oval has a glossy alligator leather strap with a white gold buckle to complete the over appearance. It also has a self-winding mechanical movement for a more precise time-telling. The minimalist look of this classic ensemble surely fits many events and occasions.

2. Happy Sport Joaillerie

It is the finest model of Happy Sport watches with stunning royal blue color paired with white gold and diamonds. The Happy Sport Joaillerie is made with 18-carat white gold material for its metal and crown and a transparent sapphire crystal.

The dial is a 36.00 mm perfect circle made with diamonds and blue textured mother-of-pearl with guilloche center. Its clockwork is also as astonishing as its appearance. Working through a self-winding mechanical movement, its frequency poses 4Hz or 28,800 vibrations per hour. Because of the heavy metal materials and the 3.79-carat white diamonds in this watch, this exquisite model is a limited edition, with only 25 pieces released.

3. Rose Gold Happy Sport Oval

This model has the iconic pebble strap made with sophisticated-looking 18 carats rose gold metal. The same material is used for its metal and crown, and it also has a see-through sapphire crystal for its back case. The dial is made with silver-colored metal with a guilloche center and sprinkled with 1.41-carat white diamonds to complement its chic metal strap.

What separates this model from the others is its water-resistance feature of 30 meters and its 18-carat white gold buckle. It also has the dancing diamonds that are working through a self-winding mechanical movement.

4. Happy Sport Sun, Moon, and Stars

A playful addition to the Happy Sport collection, this model boasts a midnight blue theme made with rose gold, steel, diamonds — a perfect combination to resemble the constellation. Instead of stone shaped diamonds, its dial, a sparkling deep blue metal with flecks of gold, is paired with gems shaped like the sun, moon, and stars. And its midnight blue alligator strap completes the calming feel of looking at the stars.

Staying true to the quality clockwork that is the pride of Chopard, this model is also working with self-winding mechanical movement. Apart from that, this watch also has a water-resistance of 30 meters.

A Happy Sport for every woman

These are only a few of the fashionable and distinguished collections. There are still a ton of models that will surely inspire you to get one. True to its promise of creating innovative and carefully crafted watches, Chopard offers a piece of timeless accessory for every woman in the world.

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