Convert PDF to PNG in 4 Easy Steps

convert pdf to png

PDF or Portable Document File is one of the most convenient ways to archive a document. Regardless if you are working on a document or a slideshow presentation, various online converting platforms will allow you to save your file to a PDF. Using this file format is ideal compared to Word and PowerPoint if you want to make sure that your files will be secured and unedited.

PDF is like the image finish of a document. It compresses Word or PowerPoint to a viewable document, compatible with all devices. However, what if you have an existing PDF file and you need to convert it to an image file extension such as PNG?

PDFBear can help you with that. Here is some information to help with the process on how to convert pdf to png.

What is PNG?

PNG stands for “Portable Graphics Format”, it is the ideal file format for uncompressed images used for online publishing. PNG was created as a replacement for GIF or Graphics Interchange Format.

One of the best things about PNG is that it doesn’t have any copyright limitations as it is widely known as an open format. It can display transparent backgrounds making it ideal for portraits or presentations.

Thus, if some parts of your PDF file needs to be published online as an image, converting it to PNG is the best way to go. So, let us help you with that.

How to convert PDF to PNG?

The easiest and most convenient way to convert a PDF file to PNG format is by using an online conversion tool. PDFBear can not just help you convert your existing documents and presentation, but it can also help you extract it to become a PNG file. All you need to do is to visit their website and follow these four easy steps.

  1. Choose the file PDF file that you want to convert to PDF.
  2. Automatically, the online conversion tool will scan and upload your file.
  3. Wait for the conversion to be processed. Depending on your Internet connection, the file will be ready in about 2 minutes or less.
  4. You will now have the option to download the PNG file and save it on your computer.

It’s as easy as that! You need not sign up or download anything with PDFBear. Just drag, drop, and download!

A few points to remember while converting PDF to PNG online

One concern of many users is the security of using an online platform. With PDFBear, you can ensure that your files are protected and will not be saved on their database. You will only upload there for the reason of converting them to PNG files. Since you did not input any personal data or information, it’s guaranteed safe.

PDFBear can also be used on many operating systems. For as long as you have an active Internet connection, you can swiftly convert all your files without hassle. Aside from the universal access to a different OS, PDFBear is also compatible with many browsers.

So, regardless if you are using Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox, you can use the online tool.

Upon conversion, you can also guarantee that the quality of your document will not be affected. Since you are converting to a PNG file, you will get high-quality images. All the details of your files are sure to be visible.

PDFBear also offers a cloud system where you can install all your converted files. This can help you save space on your computer. With the cloud, it will be easier for you to access the converted file whenever, wherever.

Other PDF conversions available

Aside from PNG, PDFBear also offers other conversion features with the same 4-step process and same website features. Here are some of them:

PDF to Word – partnering with Solid Documents, PDFBear can assist you in converting your PDF documents to a Word file so you can easily edit them.

PDF to Excel – if you received a detailed table via and you would need to edit it, you can convert them to Excel. Depending on the size of your file, you can generate an Excel copy of your file swiftly.

PDF to PPT – do you need to add transition animation, or do you need to insert a slide in your presentation? Don’t worry; you have the option to convert your PDF to a PPT file.

PDF to JPG – if you need an image file that is more suitable for printing or lay-outing and you cannot use PNG, you can also convert your PDF files to JPG. You can even convert multiple files at a time for a more efficient process.

If you’re ready to convert your PDF file to PNG, visit PDFBear for a swift and convenient way of processing. Try it out now for all your PDF needs.

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