Effective Writing Tips to Write an Excellent Essay

essay writing tips

Essay writing is an important aspect of a student’s life as it has to be done while making assignments or homework. Whether you’re in high school or college, every institution will demand some kind of essay writing for one subject or the other. It becomes an even more important skill when you are researching for something or making a report. 

While some students find essay writing very easy and interesting, there are a lot of students who find it difficult, boring, or a heavy task. 

Although there is always an option to choose essay writing services for your assignment or work, in this article we’re going to give you some effective writing tips to write an excellent essay if you are interested in doing it yourself. 

Let’s get started.

Understand the topic

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to understand the topic that you are going to write about. Deep analysis and study of the topic will give you some meaningful insights that will help you in framing a better piece of essay.

Create an Outline

Create an outline of all the things you’re going to write about. Just like a book’s chapter has an outline according to the topics, create an outline so that it is easy for you to write about the things that you want to actually cover in the essay. 

This would lead to a proper plan and you won’t get confused about what to write next while actually writing the piece of essay.

Create engagement

Start your essay by writing something interesting and engaging. Try to get the reader engaged in the introduction or when he/she reads the first paragraph. This engagement should result in curiosity in readers’ minds to read more and more.

Use a statement or thesis

Use bold statements in the essay or give an example of a thesis by an expert in the field. This will capture the trust of the reader and will increase the credibility of the piece of written content.

Follow a structure

Giving a proper structure to the essay will make it less confusing and more informative. This will help the reader to find exactly what he is looking for without having to go through the entire essay. 

Also, don’t write very big paragraphs that end up with no meaning. Imagine if all the content in this blog would be just written in a single paragraph, would you read it? The same is the case with essays. So try and divide the paragraphs to make them meaningful.


Avoid making any grammatical mistakes while writing the essay. Grammatical errors are a big no when it comes to writing essays because they tend to take away the feeling of reading. You can also take help of online tools like Grammarly to check your grammatical mistakes.

Keeping it Simple

Try to keep the tone of the essay simple and worth reading. Don’t try to hype things up on paper. The last thing that you want to do is to confuse a reader with your writing.

Simple writing will help a reader to understand things better and this will lead to 100% capturing of a reader’s attention.

Use Examples

Use examples that will back your statements. You can also give real life examples about the thesis or statements used in the say. Examples give a better understanding of the topic to the reader, and they also create engagement. 

Studies show that essays with examples are given more priority by the readers in comparison to the ones that have none.

Conclude the Essay

Summarize all the points that you discussed in the essay in the concluding paragraph. Sometimes readers tend to come straight to the conclusion of the essay to find out the crux or overall meaning of the essay. 

So, try and mention all the major points in the concluding paragraph but make sure to keep it short and up to the point.

Go through the essay

Don’t forget to read or go through the essay before finally submitting it to the institution or wherever you want to submit it. 

Sometimes we write things without thinking much but they don’t make much sense when we read the write-up. This would help you to cut those lines that you think are unnecessary and should not be a part of the final submission.

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Final Words

In this article, we discussed some of the major points that would help you frame an excellent essay for your homework, assignment, project report, etc. 

Please share your valuable feedback in the comment section below. We would love to find out your thoughts and ideas about essay writing. 

Happy Writing!

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