The Only Moving House Checklist That You Need to Follow

moving house checklist

Moving house is a hectic process after the excitement of buying a new house. Most of the time, it makes the feeling of joy fade away because of the work, effort, the time you will have to put in to pack everything and move it to one place to another. 

This moving house checklist has everything that you need to follow to feel happy about your new house and moving everything at the same time. It also covers some major things to remember while house shifting.

That said, let’s get started with the checklist for moving house. 

Categorize the list of things

One of the most important and difficult aspects of moving house is shifting stuff. It takes a lot of effort and time to shift stuff without creating a mess. 

The first thing that you need to do is organize stuff in an appropriate manner.

Create a list of all the stuff that you need to move and categorize them. For example, create a category of precious and most expensive stuff that needs a lot of care while shifting, glass material can be given a separate category and the list and categories go on and on. 

This is one of those moving house tips that you don’t want to miss out on. 

Hire a moving company

The contribution and importance of a moving company are irreplaceable when you’re moving houses.

Moving companies facilitate easy moving without having to worry about anything like packaging, transportation, etc. 

The only thing that you need to do is hire the best moving company that will make your job easy and not overburden it. You just have to research about choosing the best company that will help you to shift homes smoothly. 

You can visit Chelmsford removals as they offer a wide range of removal services like home removals, storage facilities, etc. 

Give labels to everything ​

Now that you have made a list of all the stuff that you want to move and categorized them as well, all that you need to do is create labels according to the categories and paste them on the packed boxes. 

This will help you in keeping check about what exactly is in the packed box. This would also help you in unpacking very easily after you’ve shifted to your new house.  

Dump unwanted things

Make a list of things that you don’t use or things that are of no use and dump them. You don’t want to take unnecessary things to your new house. 

Also, it doesn’t make sense to transport unwanted stuff with you either you’re doing it yourself or paying for the transportation to a moving company. 

Buy a moving insurance

You must buy moving insurance for all your stuff if you’re shifting house yourself because you don’t want to bear the cost of broken things. 

Also, if you are hiring a moving company you should check whether they provide the moving insurance for all your valuable stuff. 

Keep essentials separate

Keep all your essential stuff or daily use items separate you’ve started packing for shifting to your new house. 

You don’t want to pack all the stuff and then unpack it because you packed an essential item.

Some tips for moving into a new house are very important and this is one of them, actually, every tip that we mention are pretty important so keep them in mind. 

Repair your current apartment/house

You should get your apartment or house repaired if you are living on rent. This would help in taking back complete security deposits. 

Minor repairs won’t cost you as much as the landlord would charge you from your security deposits. This would help you in saving money. 

There are many contract cleaning services available that you can hire to get your apartment clean, tidy, and all ready to move out. 

Hire a child and pet care

Hire pet care if you have a pet or child care of you have a child or both if you have both.

Hire them well in advance for the moving day as you don’t want to get distracted or not concentrate at the house shifting on the day of moving. 

Contact everybody involved

Contact everybody who is involved in helping you shift homes well in advance. Keep in daily touch with them one week before moving house to facilitate easy shifting at the day of moving. 

Make a move

Don’t forget to tick everything off your checklist that you created before on the day of your move. 

You don’t want to leave anything behind or forget anything while leaving the house.

Check each and every room in your house properly, for example, your bedroom, living room, even the bathroom. 


This is the only moving checklist that will have to follow while shifting the house. We mentioned some of the best tips for moving into a new house. 

Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section below. 

Happy Shifting!

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