What To Look For When Buying a Laptop in 2020

what to look for when buying a laptop

Looking to buy a new laptop? Wondering about what to look for in a laptop because your existing laptop no more worth repairing? It’s high time that you should purchase a new laptop for your personal or professional use.

But, how to choose a laptop depending on your requirements? Because there are different and numerous laptops available in the market, more than you think.

That’s why you have to deal with your requirements very clearly so that you can learn how to buy a laptop that suits your preferences. It’s not a wise decision to invest in any random laptop or sticking to the one that your friends prefer.

Now, most people make a major mistake. They ask which brand is the best for laptops?

Brands do not make them the best; several qualities of laptops make them the best. Sort out your priorities first, then check out the features of available laptops in the market. Don’t just splurge in a new laptop without research. We can help, so keep reading!!!

Laptop Guide: How to Choose a Laptop?

What makes all these laptops so powerful and demanding? Well, there are many features infused in the laptops that make them highly appreciated. These compact computers can run versatile applications on your order.

Whether it is about your studies, business, or event planning, nothing is possible without the assistance of your laptop.

What to look for when buying a laptop

Check out some of the top best things to consider before buying a laptop.

Mac, Windows or Chrome OS

Decide which operating system is going to be the best choice for you. The reliability of the usage of your laptop depends on the operating system installed on the laptop.

Mac and Windows are the most dominating operating systems. 

But, another reliable operating system is trending nowadays, and that is Google Chrome OS.

However, every operating system has got its own advantages. Let’s examine them and then you can consider the best suitable operating system or laptop, based on your purpose.

Windows OS

Most PC manufacturers consider Windows OS as the operating system for laptops. Undoubtedly, Windows-powered laptops are the best for business and game-related programs. Windows is more open-ended than Mac.

There is no restriction over installing any third-party applications on Windows.

Moreover, Windows comes installed on small and large laptops. Even, touchscreen and elaborately designed laptops with Windows operating systems are much cheaper than Mac.

There are a plethora of brands that manufacture Windows-powered laptops all over the world. 


Apple is very strict about their standards. They have blended unique specifications with the user-friendly iteration. Apple can guide you on which laptop you should buy according to your choices or references. You can seek help from the support network of Apple at any time if any issue arises.

You might contact laptop & computer repair in Dubai for solving any problems related to laptops.

Elegant design and straight-forward are the key factors of MacBook. You can find all the necessary applications already installed with the macOS.

Moreover, if you like to edit music or video clips then macOS is going to surprise you with its applications. The touchscreen is not available for macOS but you might activate the Sidecar mode of apple. This will initialize switch-control over an iPad.

Mac laptops are the best for everyday use because of their powerful and durable hardware components.

Furthermore, you can’t modify the hardware and Apple laptops are not as cheap as Windows.

Chrome OS

Chrome OS is newer than those two prior operating systems. Well, Chrome OS comes installed only in Chromebooks. The entire operating system is based on the working principle of the popular web browser Google Chrome. 

This OS can’t run desktop applications like the duos before. If you are interested only in online work like reading emails, playing online games, or binge-watching movies online then Chrome OS is the best for you. 

By the way, buying a laptop with Chrome OS offers you a quick solution to every approach. Because you are getting assistance from various Chrome extensions.

Comparing the types of laptops

When you are choosing a laptop, decide your priorities or work style. That is going to ensure what kind of laptop you need to buy.

Entry-level laptops

An entry-level laptop comes with most basic functions of a laptop like an internet browsing, word processing and they are not suitable for playing heavy-duty games.

They are short on RAM and generally get a low graphics card.

Medium-level laptops

Next, comes the medium level laptops with higher hardware capabilities. These are the best with multiples features and within a reasonable price range. Additionally, there are plenty of options for medium-level laptops to choose from. 

If you want to experience more performance and the budget permits you, then choose a high-performance laptop. Opt for a higher-performing processor and a graphics card with additional features.

2-in-1 convertible laptops

What to look for in a laptop depends on what you require. Opt for the 2-in-1 convertible laptops with the dual laptop and tablet facility. These can be more expensive and lack some features than the high-performance ones.

On the other hand, you can avoid carrying your mouse and keyboard, if you choose a touchscreen laptop.

Laptop screen size matters

Screen size is what you should look for when buying a laptop. There are different sizes available when it comes to laptops.

Laptops are available from 11.6 to 17.3 screen inches. Most people prefer to buy 11.6 to 14 inches of laptops as they can be carried here and there.

These category laptops fall under the weight range from 1 to 1.5 kilograms.

When you are buying a laptop of any size, make sure that the laptop comes with the desired processor, RAM, and graphics card. Otherwise, you can run out of significant specs of your newly-bought laptop.

How much storage is needed?

Storage space depends on how much data you want to store on your laptop. The storage doesn’t necessarily have to be in use at every moment.

You can opt for solid-state drives in the near future if you want to expand the storage space of your laptop. These are faster than the installed storage space of your laptop.

Get enough RAM

Nowadays, 8GB RAM is the minimum requirement. If you want to experience super-fast task completion then you should seek laptops with 8GB RAM and up.

If you are an online gamer then 16 GB or 32 GB will be the best for you.

In case, you have to run multimedia tasking operations then opt for higher RAM.

Benchmarks for CPU

CPU is another prime factor of what to look for in a laptop before purchasing. Opt for a more core-processor when you are thinking about multitasking.

i3, i5, and i7 core processors are trending in the hotlist.

If you want a high-performance laptop then go for the i9 core processor, that’s the best.

Keyboard and touchpad quality

Consider a reputed brand when you are buying a laptop so that the keyboard lasts longer.

By the way, the touchpad facility is gravitating as the laptop becomes more reliable. You can carry the laptop as a tablet.

Touchscreen laptops are now easily available within your budget.

High-end graphics card

Graphics card decides the image quality for the respective programs that are going to show up on your laptop. There is hardly a chance that you can upgrade your graphics card.

So, initially, you have to make sure what would be your optimum choice for a graphics card. 

You have to spend more bucks if you want to grab advanced graphics cards for your business and gaming developments. 

Long-lasting battery life

A laptop can’t run without a strong and long-lived battery life. If your workstation is near a power outlet then there is no need to worry. But, check if your laptop comes with at least seven hours of endurance.

Don’t take the manufacturer’s claim for granted. You can research online and review third-party’s observations on the battery life of a specific brand.

Furthermore, if you want to replace any laptop battery, reach laptop & computer repair Dubai.

Best sound quality & audio output

Most laptops don’t come with adequate audio output. You might not find decent quality speakers integrated with your laptop.

You can use headphones or speakers for powerful audio output for an ultimate gaming experience, especially.

Prime requirement ports availability

There are several factors that determine a perfect buy for a laptop. So, don’t forget about the ports.

Data transfer is inevitable and therefore, make sure that you are buying a laptop that has got the required ports, mostly USB-A. Brand new laptops come with USB-C ports.

Also check if the laptop has got DisplayPort, HDMI ports, as well.

Classy & build quality

Laptops must be handled with care but no laptop comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Choose laptops that are capable of withstanding dust and rain. Manufacturers test the build quality of the laptops through severe environmental factors to check their endurance level.

Do a complete research on what you need and find the most compatible build quality within your financial budget.

So, it’s time to make the purchase

Hopefully, we are able to clarify how to choose a laptop. And, you have an exact idea of what to look for when buying a laptop. It is really difficult to choose a laptop without getting your priorities sorted. 

Think smart and choose a definite option for all the above-mentioned laptop guides. Hence, you will find it really simple and effective for buying a laptop. Now, it is time to grab the best laptop for you.

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