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How To Lose Weight By Fasting

Most modern diets give only short-term results. Therefore, fasting is often considered one of the most effective diets. Specially most of the keto forums suggest it as an addition to keto diet to get some ease entering into ketosis.

The benefits of fasting

The advantages of fasting for weight loss in comparison with other methods that are aimed at weight loss:

  1. A person tolerates starvation much easier than other methods of losing weight, since there is no constant feeling of hunger;
  2. During fasting, as a rule, safe and rapid weight loss occurs;
  3. During starvation, in addition to weight loss, the body becomes healthier, breathing becomes free, overall well-being improves, constant fatigue disappears, ease of movement increases, symptoms of indigestion decrease, overflow in the abdominal cavity decreases, blood pressure decreases, and the overall load on the heart decreases.
  4. Neither sagging skin and tissues, nor its sagging is observed. Although this rule does not always apply to older people.

The dependence of the effectiveness of the result on the duration of fasting

Undoubtedly, starvation significantly contributes to a decrease in human weight. This, as a rule, is due to the fact that during starvation the body’s fat reserves will be consumed first. During the first days, especially before the onset of a hypoglycemic crisis, 1-2 kg per day is lost. In the following days, weight loss slows significantly – up to about 200-300 grams per day. But still, this is a relatively fast diet. Here is an approximate scheme for weight loss during fasting of various periods:

  1. One-day fasting – a loss of 1-3 kilograms;
  2. Starvation until a hypoglycemic crisis (5-10 days) – loss of 7-10 kilograms;
  3. Starvation for 10-14 days – a loss of 10-12 kg.
  4. When fasting for more than 14 days, weight loss, as a rule, is about 1 kilogram for 3 days of fasting.

It should be noted that these are average figures.

Performance Factors

What factors influence how much weight will be reduced during fasting?

  1. Locomotor activity during fasting. The effect of motor activity on weight changes during fasting is rather ambiguous. At first glance, the more physical activity during fasting – the more effective weight loss should be. In fact, a person leading an active lifestyle may well lose less weight than someone who will constantly be in bed.
  2. The experience of fasting. If a person constantly practices fasting for a healing purpose, then he will lose weight significantly less than the one who first decided to engage in fasting. The more often you starve, the faster the body will switch to internal nutrition, weight will be lost less.
  3. Dry fasting. This type of fasting is best used in the early days of regular fasting. It is best to spend the first two or three days of fasting without water, and then drink as much water as you need to feel good. Longer periods of dry fasting, without appropriate experience, are dangerous to your health.
  4. General well-being before starvation. The following should be noted here: the better you feel before fasting, the easier it will be for fasting, and the less you will lose weight.
  5. Additional procedures. Various kinds of procedures, such as a sauna, physiotherapy, massage, may well help in speedy getting rid of excess body fat. These procedures improve blood flow and accelerate metabolic processes, which accelerates the consumption of fat in the body.
  6. Body type. Depending on the physique of a person, weight loss at different times of fasting is different. Fat people in the early days of fasting, as a rule, lose more weight than others. This is due to the fact that the body gets rid of excess fluid that is accumulated in the tissues.
  7. Young people tend to lose weight faster than older people. This is due to the fact that in young people the activity of metabolic processes in the body proceeds faster than in the elderly.

Everyone who decided to reduce their weight through fasting should understand that to achieve this goal will only change lifestyle. Keep track of your menu and the foods you eat. This will allow you to feel like a full and absolutely healthy person. If you decide to lose weight through fasting or have already done this and want to talk about your result, then do not forget to leave feedback. And share an individual recipe for your best diet.

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