Signs of Low Testosterone Levels

signs of low testosterone levels

Testosterone is a hormone that your body produces, especially men, although it’s very low in women. Men’s testicles are the primary producer of this hormone. Also, women can experience it in their ovaries but on rare occasions. This hormone affects the appearance and sexual development of men.

As a man, you need the testosterone hormone to function well sexually. The hormone also slows down a person’s age. That’s why many older men tend to have low testosterone symptoms than at a young age.

Following are some of the symptoms of low testosterone levels.

Low libido

Testosterone plays a vital role in men’s sex drive. However, it is normal for your libido to decrease as you age. Low testosterone levels also reduce your desire to have a sex drive. Low testosterone can occur despite your age.

There are several ways you can restore your testosterone imbalance, but first, you have to inform your doctor before using any supplements or getting treatment.

Reduced muscle mass

The reduction of the hormone in your body can lead to a significant loss of muscle mass because the testosterone hormone aids in the development of muscles. However, loss of muscle mass cannot do away with their function and strength.

With the help of a doctor, you can buy testosterone enanthate to maintain your muscle mass security.

Erectile dysfunction

It’s challenging to get or even maintain erections when you experience a low level of testosterone. Testosterone’s primary role in your body is to stimulate penile tissues to produce nitric acid, enhancing several reactions leading to an erection. As a man, you cannot erect when your level of this hormone is too low.

However, low testosterone isn’t the only force behind erectile dysfunction, so you must be careful before using supplements. Some other factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction include smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, excessive alcohol consumption, emotional problems, high cholesterol, and thyroid problems.

Low production of semen

Testosterone plays a significant role in ensuring that your semen output is standard. However, if you notice that your semen output is relatively low, then you should blame testosterone. Any reduction of testosterone hormone may lead to a decrease in the volume of your semen. And you can only notice a reduction in your semen during ejaculation.

Loss of hair

Generally, testosterone plays a significant role in several functions of your body. And hair production is one of the body functions that can be significantly affected by low testosterone hormone.

However, balding is a natural part of the human body because it can be inherited. But when you intend to have a low level of testosterone, both your body and facial hair are capable of fading away.

Reduced energy levels

You tend to experience general fatigue when you have a low level of testosterone. Don’t assume things when you feel more exhausted and experience low energy levels; instead, book an appointment with your doctor because it can be related to hormones.

It is best to get your testosterone level tested by a doctor if you usually sleep for more than seven hours but still feel exhausted.


Similarly, women experience low testosterone hormone levels during their menopause, while testosterone hormone in men changes gradually according to their age. You are responsible for taking care of yourself, so you don’t hesitate when you notice any of these signs; instead, make an appointment with your doctor as quickly as possible.

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