6 Apps To Keep You Engaged During Coronavirus Isolation

apps to pass time during coronavirus

The novel coronavirus has forced the whole world to stay at home. Many countries have enforced compulsory lockdowns and that has led to people getting bored at home since they have nothing to do. A lot can be done while staying at home, so here are some free mobile applications that will keep you engaged and busy during in the time of quarantine.

Workout Apps

People often say that they don’t have time to workout or keeping track of their health. Well, this is the best time to workout or indulge in some physical activites to get fit. Workout apps have made it easy to keep yourself healthy by staying at home. 

Apps like Asptiv, Fitbit Coach, Zwift, etc. can helo you in an easy workout session at home. You can also hire a personal trainer or a coach from these apps or any other platform to guide you in training. You can start whatever workout, for example, strength training, yoga, calesthenics, etc. using workout apps. 

Learning Apps

While there’s no time to learn something new or enhance skills in our daily routine, this is the best time to learn something you wanted to learn from a long time or enhance/brush-up your current skills. You can learn anything and everything from the internet these days just by sitting at your home. 

There are a lot of learning apps like Udemy, Coursera, skillshare and the list goes on and on. You just have to type in your interests on the internet and it will show you the app from where you can learn it from. This is the best time to invest your time in a learning app. 

Gaming Apps

If you like playing games and did not have the time before the covid outbreak, now is the time play those games that you’ve been wanting to play for so long. 

This is time to turn on the gaming nerd in yourself and hit the field to play any game starting from games like ASMR slicing, Beat Sort, Coin Master to Counter Strike, PUBG, Call of Duty, Judi bola, etc. 

Binge Watching Apps

Have you missed those times when you used to binge watch TV shows or series? Well, now you can binge watch all the series or shows that you’ve left behind. 

Some of my current personal favorites that I watch are Money Heist, Suits, and FRIENDS, obviously. 

Business Apps

Do you have a business online or offline? There are a lot of business apps and websites that you need to check out the latest business strategies to implement in your business. 

Mindfulness Apps

We all have stress and anxiety about our work and daily routine. It is an opportunity to invest this time in some apps like that help or teach mindfulness, meditation, etc. 

Utilizing this time to improve mental health and calm our body cells will be the best decision if you were stressed, or depressed before the phase of lockdown.

Apps like The Mindfulness App, Headspace, Calm can help you achieve the absolute best state if mind in this free time.  

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