What is Fashion Management – The Beginner’s Guide

fashion management

The world of fashion is exhilarating; it is an industry wherein the work is extensive, the hours are long, and the days are anything but monotonous. However, the design is not just the only option for those who wish to become a part of this fast-paced industry. 

An exciting branch of the ‘great vine’ of fashion is that of fashion management. So, what is the buzz surrounding this field? Let us find out all about it.

What is fashion management?

Fashion management, or rather, fashion business management, is an exciting and popular field in the fashion industry which involves the increasing and maintaining awareness of a brand’s products and enhancing brand value via strategic, personalised marketing campaigns and advertisements.

So, by virtue of office, a fashion manager is a professional who is in charge of a brand and its image and is given the responsibility of developing new and innovative marketing campaigns of the brand’s products to increase its demand in the market.

For this, a fashion manager needs to be on top of the latest trends and conduct thorough research and analysis to predict the success of a particular product.

Career opportunities available for fashion business management graduates

The field of fashion business management offers its aspirants a plethora of avenues to make it big in the industry. This would include –

1. Fashion product manager

A fashion product manager takes care of all aspects of product manufacturing to launch in the market. These professionals need to keep a hawk-eye on fashion trends; help designers maintain such uniqueness of design that the product stands out in the public eye, ensure deadlines are met, and determine efficient methods for creating new and one-of-their-kind designs.

2. Fashion brand manager

Since a fashion brand manager, as the name suggests, manages the brand, they are responsible for maximising sales volumes and profitability factor of the brand they work for.

Their role is not merely limited to achieving sales targets; these professionals also ensure the delivery of impeccable customer service for better brand equity.

3. Public relations (PR) manager

It is a well-known fact that any fashion product can become successful in the market if it wins the vote of influential bloggers and journalists. Getting the product out creatively and enticingly is the job of a Public Relations (PR) representative. 

Elaine Quan, senior Public Relations (PR) manager of The Bay, says that “an important portion of my time is devoted to the planning and execution of promotional events.” A PR manager would also need to talk to editors of fashion magazines to get the word out as much as possible.

What does it take to build a successful career in fashion business management?

To make it big in the world of fashion business management, aspirants need a host of technical and non-technical skills. These skills would include –

  • Preferably, a degree in fashion business management as many fashion houses would want a quantitative way to measure an entrant’s credibility 
  • Stellar marketing and communication skills to communicate effectively with clients, manufacturers, and even customers 
  • The right amount of confidence 
  • Solid negotiation skills 
  • Creative vision – a vision that is clear, detailed, decisive, and definite
  • Good analytical skills to analyse data and trends for predicting the future course of action
  • Of course, good business sense 
Bottom Line

For those who wish to take their chance in the fashion business management, the first step to take is to gain a thorough knowledge of all technical aspects via professional fashion business management course.

Internationally-acclaimed institutions like the Pearl Academy offer advanced courses in fashion business management – the 360-degree learning experience will help aspirants navigate their way in the world of fashion business management.

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