Disney Facts: Things You Would Want To Know About Disney

disney facts

Who doesn’t know Disney? Even little children of this generation are familiar with the various Disney films and the lovable characters from them.

Characters such as Pocahontas, “Simba” from The Lion King, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and other Disney characters maintain their popularity from one generation to the next. People of all ages have continually flocked the several associated Disney-themed parks from all over the globe. Thus, it is one of the largest and most popular companies at present.

Disney's humble beginnings

On October 16, 1923, Disney came into existence. Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney established the company, and it is highly involved with the entertainment and mass media industries. Its former name was Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. In 1986, the name became The Walt Disney Company, and it is the same name used today. Disney has made over sixty feature films and around one hundred eighty original series.

The company’s mascot is called Mickey Mouse, and now the company owns several theme parks across the globe. For two years, Disney was the only one who produced colored films. Due to its fame, Disney World Is one of the most visited places in the United States.

Walt Disney’s motto is ‘Dream, Believe, Dare, Do’. Walt Disney has made his vision come true in line with this life motto. The road must have been difficult, but he took a risk to attain success. These four words, later on, became the four core pillars of the company.

Interesting Disney facts

Here are some of the Disney facts you are about to find out that you may not know since childhood.

The Lion King

A biologist had once sued Disney due to portraying Hyenas in The Lion King as stupid animals, which were contrary to how they are in real life. The scientist was currently studying the species and felt strongly about the issue.

In line with The Lion King, it is the first real original film in terms of storyline. The first few produced was an adaptation from the favorite fairy tales and bedtime stories. Disney studios began production in 1991 and released it in June 1994.


In 2009, Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment. This deal played well in Disney’s strategy to build a bigger audience catering to both male and female viewers, old and young.

Mickey Mouse

Has it ever come into your minds or ever wondered why Mickey Mouse has only four fingers and not five? It would have looked strange for Mickey Mouse to have five fingers and probably lose the interest of its target audience in an instant.

Disney animators intended for the character to have four fingers only because it would have appeared to be a bunch of bananas instead of fingers.

Also, the name Mickey came from Walt Disney’s wife after they argued. Walt Disney was going to use the name ‘Mortimer’; however, his wife found it too depressing and said that it would not appeal well to the people.

Another interesting fact to learn about Mickey Mouse’s voice behind the fictional character, Anthony Allwine. Aside from being Mickey’s voice, in real life, he married Russi Taylor, which is Minnie Mouse’s voice as well. They got the label as Disney Legends in 2008, one year before Allwine died.

Hidden characters

Did you also know that Disney animators would often hide other classic characters in the background of another film? One example of this is in the opening of The Little Mermaid, where Goofy, Mickey Mouse. And Donald Duck is seen.

Additionally, Ariel’s perfect proportions are from a real-life model, Sherri Stoner.


Olaf from Frozen was initially to be Elsa’s sidekick. However, after re-writing the script several times, Olaf became Anna’s sidekick instead.

Furthermore, the first character design for Olaf was a penguin and not a snowman. The production of Frozen took four years to complete.

Disney animators revealed that it took them one hundred thirty-two hours to work on a single frame for the film.


The famous character Mulan is actually from a legend of a real female warrior in China with the same name. In the original story, it describes a young woman concealing her identity and played the role of a man to fight a war for her country.

For twelve years, Mulan was fighting in her father’s stead and gained high merit. As written in their history, she refused the rewards, moving to her hometown after retirement.

Also, among the Disney princesses, Mulan came from an ordinary family. But in the long run, she earned the title of Imperial Consul. Mulan became royal because of her heroic act and not for marrying royalty.

Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc.’s original script centered on a grown man haunted by his drawings. The drawings represented his fears, and for them to disappear, he must overcome his fears. It is far from the film we know of today.

Also, during the production, Pixar animators brought their children and recorded their screams and used it in the movie. The different variety of screams fit the need of the film.

The Bottom Line

Disney for EveryoneDisney is for everyone, old or young; everybody loves it. The movies and characters are always well-loved, and people from all over the globe look forward to a new hero or princess to admire.

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