Never Kiss Your Best Friend is back again on ZEE5

Never Kiss Your Best Friend

Raise your hands if you loved the first season of Never Kiss your best friend. It is so Brainer that all of us are waiting to watch what’s coming up next and guess what?

ZEE5 is back with a Lockdown special season of never kiss your best friend. During the times when everyone is just hopping on to one series after the other, there couldn’t be better news about the series.

For everyone who doesn’t know this series is actually inspired by the best-selling novel “Never Kiss your best friend” and the plot is so relatable to each one of us. 

This is a story that revolves around two best friends played by Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh who play Sumer Singh Dhillon and Tanie Bear respectively.

Now the fact that the story is about best friends, I am sure all of us somewhere or other relate to it on a personal level. It shows how two people from their childhood are friends, stay in the same neighborhood so close to each other, the bond grows stronger and stronger day by day and there is a point in their friendship where a little romance starts to bloom.

It all looks like a happy go lucky life and that when a twist arrives. That twist is what this lockdown special season is bringing to you.

Suddenly you see a new boy in Tanie’s life. The new boy is named Zayed, there is a friendship that has bloomed.

Now the question is who is this new boy in Tanie’s life?

Are they in a relationship?

This is a big twist none of us are ready for. The romantic love story between Sumer and Tanie gave us a lot of hopes.

Since the Lockdown, all the relationships and bonds have grown stronger, and similar was their bond. If there is one thing which is like an unforgettable moment from season 1 then it would be the strong and non-replaceable bond between the two.

This season is specially brought to us to show how situations don’t affect string friendships. These tough times cannot be responsible for any breakups is the message it wants to give.

The special season is full of drama, fun, romance and this new boy who’s entered Tanie’s life. Like all the internet couples who love to play different challenges, Tanie and Zayed also play some challenges together. Well, they are super entertaining and a big part of the Lockdown special season of “Never Kiss your best friend”. 

ZEE5 has struck the correct cord and is bringing this season at the right time.

Everyone’s eagerness has increased, the excitement is top-notched but the question is still unanswered.

So, to get all your answers, tune into ZEE5 and watch this lovely and specially made season of “Never kiss your best friend”.

To know where will Tanie end up or will Tanie and Summer get back together or is Zayed here to stay? All these questions are making us restless and all we can think about is what will happen next? 

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