9 Effective Dental Marketing Ideas to Attract New Patients

dental marketing ideas to attract new patients

Among all the doctor’s appointments, one that is most avoided is the dentist’s appointment. After all, no one likes painful injections being put in their gums! However, if done right, visiting a dentist may become a favorite place for the patients.
Patients love to feel relaxed and empathized, which can be done with proper advertising. Proper marketing can help the dental facility to add a personal touch with the patient and boost the dental practice. To be successful, here are eleven ways you can advertise your dental care institute.

Set the customers' profile

One of the most essential aspects of beginning with marketing is to know who you want to market to. It is the description of the people you will be treated in your facility. There is no point at stating the opposite of what you mean. You need to be transparent about your services, location as well as treatment cost so they can understand if they can come to you their treatment. Share the dental care service plan with the audience just so they know what you stand for.

Online presence

With marketing, it means creating a solid online presence that can attract visitors to your site and later to your facility. Make sure you have a website with all the basic information, your address, contact information and types of services, etc. no matter your experience in a dental practice or the suitable location you have if you don’t add the important information on your website, likely, your target patients will not trust you.

Logo Design

Your logo design needs to be perfect, as it is the face of your facility. It is an image that can add trust as well as describe your services and gives a sense for better health. You can hire a professional designer for the job or access the online designing tools to design it yourself. Make sure that your logo design is easy to understand and creates a sense of confidence.

Use social media for promotion

Social media is one of the best ways to get the word out to the people. Social media advertisements are the best way to make sure your dental facility is known outside the local region. It is free, and it can help in building trust among the people.

However, the selection of the right social media platform is important to make the most out of it. Not just that, posting regular ads and professionally designed images is also necessary.

Involve the community

It is important to understand the people and your target network. An effective marketing idea should know how to keep your facility popular.

It is best to participate in various activities as partners and gain the trust of the people. Sponsor small sports teams or arrange local fundraisers or volunteer work to have a good reputation in the community. 

Email marketing

Among the numerous dentists present in the market, it is necessary to remind people constantly about your facility and services. Among all the marketing tactics, what better way there is to directly communicate with the patients than email marketing?

Remind the customers about their appointments or regular checkups to make sure they remember your facility. Share hygiene tips or stories with the audience and showcase your involvement in the community. Use emails to share the news with your patients to make sure they remember you. 

Video advertising

It is one of the new, perhaps the most innovative ways of marketing in various industries, and healthcare is no different.

Vlogging or using animated videos is the best way to make sure your audience receives your message in an innovative and entertaining way. It helps the dentists in making a connection with the patients while communicating what they stand for.

However, it is important to remember that transparency is what leads the patients to trust you. You can also share tips in your videos or post them on social media for better interactions. A well-planned video campaign can be highly effective than normal blogging in many cases.

Directory listing

Get your dentistry ranked in the offline directory option to make sure you can be found in emergency cases. If you have a good online presence, these directories can help you to be better at traditional marketing strategies. 

Partnership referrals

Partnering up with various businesses may be a great way to bring in more clients. Make sure to research the businesses before partnering with them. For example, you can partner up with the hospital that doesn’t likely have a dental facility so their patients can be guided to your facility. You can even have a brochure designed to promote your facility in both the business, which can be distributed by either of your customers.

Author: Lynda Williams is a Dentist at Eastern Oklahoma Dental Care. She is a qualified dentist with amazing knowledge and experience in the field. She loves writing and thus promotes dental health care with her blogs.

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