Uber Alternative Grab 7 Features To Consider In Ride Sharing Startup

Features To Consider In Ride Sharing Startup

Are you planning to own a fleet or taxi or start a ride-sharing business with it? It is the growing industry and it is the decision too. However, there are lots of Uber alternatives you need to compete with. When you need to sustain in this competition, the first thing to consider is to build the right app. This app should incorporate several best features expected by your audience. Are you looking for such features now? Here are some of the must-include features for the successful outcome. Have a look at it and start building the app to start your business.

Cost reduction

Today, there are lots of taxi services and taxi booking apps available today. When you need to book the app, it becomes easier to book and the cab will arrive at your doorstep.

However, these cabs quote for the huge payment, which is sometimes not reasonable. When you are looking for ride-sharing, it will allow you to have taxi services at less cost. This is one of the reasons for people to look for the ride-sharing app.

So, you need to implement some features that will incorporate the right sharing cost for the people who travel in your vehicles.

Flexible payment modes

Today, cashless payment is a common preference among most people. As it is more convenient and safe, more people take up the cashless method of payment.

So, you should be able to offer all the modes of payment like wallet, e-banking, credit card, debit card for all the bank cards. Further, people are more intelligent today.

Thus, they are more appropriate to know the exact cost. So, you need a system that will show the charges of the people who travel from source to destination. Make sure the sharing is reasonable and you offer the right estimation of the cost.

Dispatch and tracking panel

Web-based panels along with Google maps are now necessary to phone bookings, drivers and assign trips and manage trips. This GPS tracking will help the owners and the customers to know the location of the vehicle. This is one of the factors that can be trusted by the clients.

Further, you can also try to incorporate some other related features like,

  • Split payments
  • Fare calculator
  • Vehicle selection
  • Referral program
  • Coupons
  • Navigation
  • Interactive map and taxi tracking
  • Reports

Though you cannot implement all these features at the initial stage, you can look for these features when you are updating the app in the future. Although, if you can hire a mobile app development company for it, it will work wonders for you.


Today, people are so busy with their work and they do not have enough time to open the app and look for any information. They could open only for two reasons, either they should get some notification from the app or they need to do something with the app. so, you should have the push notification if you need to announce the offers.

Further, you should also notify the entire details of the driver and number of passengers traveling with you. So, it will be easy for them to calculate the charges and it is also a trustworthy factor for the customers.

Scheduling, rescheduling or canceling rides

Most travel is pre-planned and people look for booking a travel one or two day in advance. This will help them to avoid some delays or confusion in travel.

However, not all travel can be executed as per the plan. Some plans might be proponed, postponed, or even canceled. So, the app you design should offer such facilities as well.

Also, you need to pay back the cost in case of cancelation of the rides. Further, you should notify all these conditions in the terms and conditions or guidelines column. This is important in all cases to have hassle free-services.

Vehicle listing

This feature will allow the customers to choose the vehicle that they might feel comfortable with. Though it is the ride-sharing app, there might be some preferences for the customer.

For example, you might need to carry more luggage, elderly people with some medical complications, etc. all these can be faced with the best selection of vehicles.

Further, this is an additional feature to add comfort to the customers.

Driver dashboard

This is the place where you can find some details of the driver. The ride he or she has taken, standard, rating, reviews, rewards earned, canceled trips, driving recordings, etc.

This will help to have some opinion on the drive and it also indicates the transparency of the company.

Final thoughts

Building the ride-sharing app and having a successful business is not so easy in this huge competition. However, it is not impossible too!

So, follow the right guidelines and make sure you are following the right measures to be successful in the business.

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