5 Ways to Embrace Green Living and Lead an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

green living

Recent polling shows that 57% of Americans now believe that humans impact the global climate crisis. That’s a nine-point shift from 2014, and it is a drastic change in attitude about climate change. Americans are far more concerned than they were, even a few years ago, given the number of severe weather events they’ve experienced.

The climate crisis is real; we all must do our part to lessen the human impact. We need to leave a healthy planet for future generations. Maybe this sense of duty has you thinking about green living.

Do you want some green living tips? Read on to learn five easy ways you can embrace sustainability and an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Get into gardening

Vegetable gardens are a huge part of America’s history, especially during challenging times. Vegetable gardens fed families during the Great Depression, and “victory gardens” are how many performed their civic duty during WWI and WWII. Planting a vegetable garden can now be a way for citizens to help lessen the human impact of the global climate crisis. 

Harvesting vegetables from your garden helps cut food waste and harmful emissions that come with shipping vegetables. You also get organic food without any pesticides. If that wasn’t reason enough, gardening is a fantastic hobby that will get you more time outdoors.

Choose the paperless option

How much junk mail do you receive from insurance companies and other firms? What do you do with your junk mail? If you’re responsible, you shred and recycle.

Some people don’t have the time for that. Why not cut down on your paper consumption by choosing the “paperless” option? We have access to the technology that keeps all of our vital documents organized and accessible with a finger stroke.

Meatless mondays

Meat and dairy production accounts for 14.5% of all greenhouse gas emissions. While that burger is tasty, the process to get it to your table isn’t sustainable. Does that mean you should go full veggie?

No, you don’t have to give up the foods you love. It does help to take a more mindful approach to the meat you do eat to go green. Try a “meatless” Monday, where you abstain from meat and dairy for one day.

Install solar panels

Solar panels are the next step in energy efficiency. An initial investment with tax rebates can dramatically cut your energy bills. The installation also cuts your carbon footprint and your use of fossil fuels.

If you’re interested in eco-friendly living, a solar panel installation company can help you get started. Visit blueravensolar.com/state-ohio/solar-panel-installers-cincinnati/ for more information.

Buy local

National department stores and online retailers have everything you need at the push of a button. While they are convenient, the environmental impact associated with shipping is very high. Instead of shopping online or at a national retailer, shop local as much as possible.

By supporting local craftspeople, farmers, and artisans, you’re not only living green but also helping your local economy.

Green living isn’t a challenge

Are you ready to embrace green living? It’s not as much of a challenge as you think. Follow these simple tips, and you’ll perform a modest civic duty to protect our planet for future generations.

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