Top 3 Things You Should Know About Florida Solar

things to know about florida solar

Florida is known as The Sunshine State for good reason. Homeowners have to run their air conditioning almost constantly just to keep out of the heat. Why not take advantage of all that extra sunlight, though?

Investing in solar energy may be the solution you’re looking for. You can use the sun that’s heating up your home to power your air conditioning to stay cool. That way, you save money and make use of a renewable resource.

Here are the top three things you should know if you’re interested in Florida solar energy opportunities. 

1. Cost of Solar Panels in Florida

Solar panels aren’t cheap. However, the cost of solar panels in Florida can be greatly offset by certain tax incentives and how much you save on electricity.

In Florida, solar incentives exist to help lower the overall cost by lessening how much you pay in taxes. These tax incentives kick in for the tax year you installed your solar panels. 

You can also greatly reduce your monthly energy bills by using solar. There are some cities that have programs set up where any extra energy your system generates earns you money back. 

Your local solar energy companies will know more about the specific incentives for your state. 

2. Effect on Real Estate

Another way solar panels in Florida earn you back your investment is when you sell your home. 

Pre-installed solar panels are a welcome option for any prospective homebuyer. It means they won’t have to install solar themselves, which will save on time and money. They’ll also save money every month on electricity. 

Make sure you get a proper appraisal, however. Energy efficiency is often overlooked when assessing real estate with solar power

3. Environmental Benefits

Everyone knows that solar energy is good for the environment. It reduces your carbon footprint since it doesn’t rely on electricity generated by burning fossil fuels. But how exactly does that affect Florida?

Increased pollution can cause more extreme storms and hurricanes, which Florida already struggles with every year. The already hot summers get hotter, and the sea levels rise. Animal species and plant life both suffer as a result of these different factors. 

By investing in Florida solar energy, you’re doing your part in reducing the human impact on the environment. An increasing number of states are also pushing for more solar panel installations through their tax incentives.

Homeowners are eligible to borrow up to $25,000 for energy improvements approved by the federal government. The Federal Housing Administration can guarantee up to 90 percent of the loan on its own. Solar companies in Florida can help walk you through the application process.

Find a Florida Solar Company Near You

As the threat of global warming grows, so does the country’s interest in solar as an alternative energy source. The best solar companies in Florida can help hook you up with the right type of panels for your home’s needs. It’s time to make the leap.

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