5 Important Tips for Living in a Van

5 important tips for living in a van

In recent years, the idea of vanlife has become increasingly popular. More and more people want to escape the city and live nomadically on the road. With almost 50% living in vans full time, it’s fast becoming a sought-after way of life.

However, before diving in there are lots of things to consider. As thrilling and relaxing as it may seem, even living in a van has its drawbacks. Knowing what to expect will better prepare you as you start on your van life journey.

If you want to know more about the pros and cons of this lifestyle, keep reading to learn the most important tips.

1. Safety

There’s lots of uncertainty living on the road, especially if you’re a solo traveler. Consider purchasing a small safe for valuables whilst keeping other items out of view. Finding a parking spot before nightfall is crucial, you’ll be able to assess your surroundings better as your judgment is usually impaired at night.

2. Downsizing

Living in a much smaller space means you can’t take everything with you, you have to be realistic. Work out what you need over what you want. Think about donating clothing you no longer wear, organize what you already have, and work out if it’s essential to bring with you.

3. The Build

Once acquiring your vehicle, you’ll be raring to get started on the build. Knowing what you’ll need beforehand and having an idea of the layout will better prepare you for what it’ll look like once complete.

However, not everyone wants to go through building the van interior from scratch. It’s not an overnight process. Many people prefer the option to buy a new RV that’s ready to go. This is worth looking into especially if you want to get on the road quicker.

4. Income

Part of living in a van is the joy of living cheaper. With remote working, you can earn money on the road and enjoy the scenery at the same time.

However, not all areas have a strong WiFi signal. It’s worth investing in a traveling WiFi system though it’s better to stay in places with good cellular service if you can. 

The other option is to work seasonal positions that provide you with onsite parking. This will lower your outgoings and allow you to meet others in the van life community.

5. No Expectations

Not every adventure will turn out exactly how you expect. You could encounter drastic weather changes or road detours taking you miles from your destination. There’s no knowing what will happen every time. Always expect the unexpected, that’s part of the fun.

Think You’re Ready to Start Living in a Van?

Moving from a house to a van won’t be easy, it’ll take some adjustments even if you’re only planning to travel part-time. It’s undeniable how much freedom and beauty you’ll experience living in a van, even through the tough days. In this lifestyle, your van isn’t just a vehicle, it’s your home.

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