Debunking the Most Common Solar Energy System Myths That Exist Today

solar energy system myths

More and more homeowners in the United States are choosing to make the switch to solar energy. One recent survey found that almost half of homeowners (46%) have given serious thought to installing a solar energy system on their property. Given the cost-saving and environmental benefits that come with solar energy, it is easy to see why it is becoming so popular.

Many homeowners, however, remain hesitant and this can be put down to a number of myths about solar energy and solar panels. In this blog post, we will debunk the most common solar energy system myths that exist today.

Solar Panels Are Too Expensive

The reality here is that solar panels have never before been so affordable. In the last decade alone, the average cost of solar panels in the US has fallen by around 70%. Thanks to the 26% federal solar tax credit (available up until the end of 2022), solar panels are an affordable option.

Over the lifespan of a solar panel system (25-plus years), homeowners stand to save thousands of dollars on their energy bills, making the upfront cost of solar an excellent long-term investment.

Solar Only Works When the Sun Is Out

Even on foggy or cloudy days, your solar panels are still working. The sun’s ultraviolet light will still shine through so don’t worry if you live in a state that isn’t associated with non-stop sunshine.

Take a country like Germany, for example, which is not a place you would traditionally associate with constant sunshine. The country is one of the world’s biggest producers of solar energy and clearly hasn’t let any cloudy days slow them down.

Solar Panels Hurts Your Property’s Value

Actually, solar panels are more likely to increase your property value. Solar panels are viewed as home upgrades, similar to a renovated kitchen, and make your property more attractive to prospective buyers. Studies show that solar panels help to increase the value of a home by around $15,000.

Solar Panels Will Damage Your Property’s Roof

As with the above myth, the complete opposite is true. Solar panels can actually help to protect your roof and preserve it in good condition for longer. They serve as a barrier on your roof and protect it from weather elements, such as heat and UV radiation, that could degrade your shingles or tiles.

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The Most Common Solar Energy System Myths

Solar energy is clean, infinite, and renewable. It is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The above myth-busting should help you to overcome any doubts that you had about solar panels and help you to create a sustainable home.

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