How Solar Panels Are Made

how solar panels are made

Do you know anyone that could actually explain what a solar panel is? We know it’s the little box that soaks in sunlight and turns it into energy, but how does that work, specifically? 

Understanding the nature of a solar panel helps you to break down how it works and why it’s beneficial. We’re going to take a look at what a solar panel is made of today, giving you some insight that you can use to make decisions when it comes to your own home power. 

Hopefully, the ideas below give you some knowledge that you can use the next time the solar panel discussion comes up in conversation. 

So, how are solar panels made?

How are solar panels made?

The first and most important piece of the solar panel is what’s known as a photovoltaic cell. Also known as solar cells, these small units are the things that engage with photons and break them down into energy. 

The photovoltaic cell consists of a number of semiconductors charged with the task of absorbing sunlight. Semiconductors are the electrical pathways that all electronic devices need in order to function. 

Semiconductors consist of a number of transistors which you can think of as little waypoints for electrical currents to flow through. The pathways weave in such a way that the central processing unit of the device understands what needs to happen next. 

These cells exist together, harnessing the power of the sun and directing that energy back to a place where it gets stored. When someone asks “what are solar panels made of,” they’re usually wondering about the type of cells that harness the sun.

The inverter

That energy weaves through the pathway of the panel, moving into the inverter. The inverter takes the direct current electricity from the photovoltaic cell and turns it into alternate current power, which is what gets used by most homes. 

Beyond the photovoltaic cells and the inverter, there isn’t that much more to the solar panel system. The bulkiest additional part is the mounting system, which will be different depending on how you plan to situate your panels.

A company like Blue Raven Solar Company will come and help you decide how to situate your panels, determining the mounting system. 

Possible variations

The process of harnessing power from the sun is very simple when you have the semiconductors and processing units that know how to do it. It’s a very “A” to “B” kind of process. 

With everything, though, there are bound to be a number of alternatives and different factors that could make things more complicated. There are numerous types of solar panels, and a lot of them come with other pieces of sophisticated technology. 

In all of those products, though, the solar cells, the inverter, and the mounting system are present. That’s all you really need in order to have a simple solar setup. 

Want to learn more about solar energy?

Hopefully, you’ve got a decent answer to the question of “how are solar panels made?” There’s more to learn if you’re interested, though. We’re here to help you get all of the information you need. 

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