The Complete Guide to Buying Car Audio Systems: Everything to Know

guide to buying car audio systems

The projected value of the automotive speaker market will reach $7 billion by 2027. This translates to a compound annual growth rate of 6.5% from 2021 to 2027.

The increasing demand for onboard entertainment in private and commercial vehicles will drive the growth of this industry.

You’ll find various audio system options when looking to improve the audio quality in your car. You can choose to upgrade an existing audio system or buy a new one for your vehicle.

Buying car audio systems has lots of benefits to the car owner. A new audio system will increase the value of your car if you wish to sell the vehicle. Besides, you can listen to your favorite music or podcast while driving to kill boredom.

Knowing the right audio system to install in your car can be challenging. This article provides an ultimate guide on what you should know when buying car audio systems.


Look for a car audio system that will fit your dashboard. Your dealer might use a vehicle selector tool to analyze your vehicle’s information. It helps filter out the options that will not work in your car.

Your new audio system must have an option to choose your language preferences for easy navigation. The car audio system features must be user-friendly to achieve the most usability.

Choose Your Brand

Some common brands include Sony, JVC, and Pioneer audio systems. Different brands manufacture audio systems with different audio qualities.

You can check for online customer reviews when buying DS18 subwoofers for your car. Seek referrals from family and friends with audio systems in their vehicles that you like. You might end up getting cheaper options.

Buy an audio systems brand with the most positive reviews from previous buyers. That way, you’re assured of getting value for your money.


Your audio system options will vary depending on your car audio system budget. Besides, the cost of upgrading won’t be the same as that of buying a new audio system.

The prices of car audio systems will also depend on the particular brand and the quality of sound produced. Plan and save in advance after exhausting all your possible options if you can’t buy in cash.

It would be better to consider operating within your line of budget to avoid overspending. Even so, keep in mind that quality is expensive.

Non-Music Features

When buying car audio systems, you’d want to consider what more the stereo can do besides playing music. You can check for CarPlay and Android Auto apps with navigation and calling features.

A stereo system with Bluetooth connectivity allows you the freedom of hands-free calling and audio streaming when linked with a compatible phone. A GPS navigation function will prevent you from getting lost or help you find a way out when you do.

Buying Car Audio Systems

A better car sound quality will give you a fun driving experience. Buying car audio systems that can support all sorts of playback formats such as MP3, AAC, or WAV will provide high resolution and improved sound quality.

The electrical power output should also factor in when weighing your audio system options. It will affect the amount of power that your car speakers can withstand.

Visit this page to get more ideas about choosing suitable audio systems for your car.

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