6 Interesting Facts About Solar Panel Technology

solar panel technology facts

The planet that we live on is in grave danger. Experts suggest that we have less than three decades until the life we live will be forever changed by the effects of global warming. To prevent the worsening of the climate crisis, we must act now. 

That means that everyone should consider what they can do in their own homes and what changes they can make to their lifestyles to change the tide. 

One possible change we could all make is to adopt solar panel technology as our number one source of electricity. 

Let’s take a look at six interesting facts about solar panels –

Below given are some of the most interesting facts about solar panel technology and its usage. Check them out:

China Leads the Way In Generating Solar Power

Did you know that China is, in fact, a world leader when it comes to producing renewable energy such as solar and wind? That said, since 2011, China has consumed more coal than all the rest of the world combined. 

Solar Is the Most Abundant Energy Sources Available

One of the best solar energy facts is that sunlight is in abundant supply. Because the sun isn’t going to go dark at any time, we can safely rely on solar energy for most of our future power needs. 

The Cost of Solar Installation Is Dropping

Over the last decade, the cost of solar has dropped considerably. There’s never been such a good time to consider residential solar panels. And, with many governments implementing solar rebates and incentives to get people to make the switch, there are other financial benefits to going green.

California Generates More Solar Energy Than Any Other State

One of the facts about solar power that may surprise you is that The Golden State produces more solar energy than any other state. With plenty of good-quality year-round sunlight, the state has invested heavily in solar technology- and it’s paying off. 

Most Solar Panel Technology Has a 25-Year Warranty

If you’re on the fence about solar because of how long you think your panels will last, you can pay for an installation safe in the knowledge that most solar companies offer extended warranties. 

All of this means that your solar panels will be a significant long-term investment. 

The Best Solar Panels Don’t Need Direct Sunlight 

One thing that many people assume is that solar panels need constant direct sunlight to work. This isn’t true. You can generate power using solar panel technology on a cloudy day. While it won’t be as efficient, you’ll still be able to harvest power from your panels.

Get Solar Today!

With so many great reasons to get solar panel technology installed at your home, there has never been a better time to switch to renewables than right now. 

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