Cat water Fountain: Create a Healthy Pet Lifestyle

cat water fountain

Cat lovers know how picky their little fur babies are. Even with water bowls at home, cats tend to drink water from taps. The flowing water looks fresh, clean, and even playful. It’s not a problem when you’re home, but what about when you have to leave your cat alone at home? 

Taps, running water, and cats can be a dangerous combination with no one to supervise, isn’t it? What if you can provide your cat with something similar yet completely safe? How do you do that? By using a cat water fountain. If you haven’t heard of this before, you might be imagining a mini-sized fountain at home and worrying about water everywhere. This water fountain has been exclusively designed for your cats (and other pets). 

It’s a compact box that sits firmly on the floor and doesn’t move, tilt or topple. The cat water fountain ensures that water from the tank flows onto the tray over it and slides back into the tank to get filtered and come up again. 

Erm… not sure how it works? Don’t worry. We’ll explain the process in detail. 

How it Works 

The water fountain for cats/ pets is a rectangular unit with a cord to connect to the electricity board. Place the fountain in the corner or side of the room where it stays out of the way. Leave it on the floor as pets feel more comfortable this way, and the risk of knocking it off the table is also eliminated. 

A transparent water tank with rounded edges is filled with water and placed into the fountain casing. There’s a slit on one side to check the water level in the tank. 

There’s an integrated water pump that’s immersed into the water tank to power the unit. It is connected to the lid and can be removed/ unplugged for cleaning. Then place the lid on the top of the tank and make sure it sits perfectly in the slot. Plug the cord and turn on the water fountain. 

Choose a setting- continuous mode or eco mode for water to be filtered and move through the lid. The filters are in the lid and continuously filter water that rises onto the lid for the pets to drink and flows back into the tank through the designated slot. 

Benefits of Cat Water Bowl Fountain

Now that you know how it works, shall we see the benefits and uses of this miracle device? 

Easy Cleaning 

The water tank has no corners. It can be removed and placed back into the casing with ease. The filters can be removed and replaced in less than a minute. Yes! That’s how easy it is. You don’t need any tools to disassemble the unit. 

Auto-Power Off 

Worried about who will turn off the fountain if you are not around? The device has an auto-power off mode, where the power will be cut off when the water level reaches a certain point. 

Smart Light Alerts 

What to do when the water level is low? You can track the water level through the level marker on the side. 

There’s a red alert light that will flash on the top of the fountain to indicate that the water level is low and should be refilled. You’ll get alerts to replace the filter when it’s time. 

There’s another light to indicate sterilization that kills up to 99.99% of the germs. The sterilization is automatically timed to occur once every four hours. 

Noiseless Water Fountain 

The pet water fountain doesn’t make any noise. You and your pets don’t have to be annoyed by the constant humming noise in the background. The water fountain’s pump emits sounds lower than 29dB. Your pets can sleep right beside it without any disturbance. 

91 oz (2.7l) Water Tank Capacity 

The best part is that the water tank inside the fountain has a capacity of 91 oz. Once you fill the tank, it’ll easily last for a few days. Of course, that depends on how many pets you have. Still, you don’t have to refill water every day or multiple times a day. 

Quadruple Filter System 

You’re read how the unit filters water continuously, right? This ensures that your cats always drink clean water. The filter has three layers for the water to pass through. The first is double-layer PP cotton. The second is coconut shell-activated carbon, and the third is ion exchange resin. These layers get rid of dirt, bacteria, germs, etc., from the water. Say goodbye to dirty and foul-tasting water for pets. There’s also a UV germicidal light that kills any of the remaining bacteria in the water. 

Two Powering Modes 

The best cat water fountain has been designed for eco-conscious users who worry about the constant power supply to the water fountain. The first mode is the circulation mode, where water flows continuously and is filtered throughout. 

The second mode is the eco energy-saving mode, where the unit functions when it has to and saves power the rest of the time. 


With so many wonderful features, the water fountain is indeed a great way to keep your pets hydrated throughout the day. Your cats, dogs, and other little pets will enjoy the taste of clean water at any given time. You can relax when at work or outside the house and not worry about your fur babies at home.  

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