How to Negotiate and Get Discounts on Your New Car

how to negotiate and get discounts on new car

New cars are costing people more than ever before right now. The average new car cost just topped the $45,000 mark for the first time in history.

But if you’re getting ready to make a new car purchase, you should know that you might be able to earn a discount on one. You just need to know how to save money on a car to get a better new car price.

So, how much discount on a new car can you get? It really all depends on the approach that you take to it.

Here is how to negotiate and get a new car discount in no time at all.

Start by picking out a car that you like and doing your homework on it

Before you drive down to a car dealership to look at new cars in person, you should try to pick out a car that you like online. It’ll give you an opportunity to do your homework on it in advance.

You can take a virtual tour of a car that you like online. You can also lookup things like:

  • The MSRP for it (very important!)
  • The price that people are paying for it in other parts of the state and country
  • The discounts that might be available for it

Who knows? You might even be able to score yourself a free car by entering a contest at

Whatever you do, don’t head down to a dealer’s lot without arming yourself with the necessary information. It’ll put you in a position of power when it comes to scoring a new car discount.

Prepare to drive a hard bargain when negotiating with a car dealer

Once you have all the info that you need on a new car that you want to buy, you can drive down to meet with a car dealer about it. You should dress up nice for the occasion and let it be known that you’re there to negotiate a great deal for yourself from the start.

A word to the wise: Most car dealers are not going to want to negotiate with you. But they will once they see that you mean business.

You should be prepared to throw a number out at them as far as what you would like to pay for a new car. They probably aren’t going to accept your offer on the spot (in fact, you might be in trouble if they do!). But they should be willing to go back and forth with you until you’re able to come to an agreement on a new car price.

How much discount on a new car that you’re able to get will depend heavily on your ability to drive a hard bargain and refuse to pay more than you have to for a vehicle.

Be ready to walk away from one car dealer to head to another one

There will be some instances in which a car dealer won’t budge on the price of a new car. If they just aren’t willing to come down in price, you should be ready to walk away to head to another dealership.

This will mean that you will have wasted some time negotiating with a car dealer. But it’s better to stand your ground and try your luck elsewhere than it is to get stuck paying more for a car than you want to.

See how much discount on a new car you can get today

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t ever agree to pay the MSRP on a new car. You can almost always get at least a little bit of a discount when you buy a new vehicle.

How much discount on a new car you get will be solely dependent on how good you are at negotiating. But you should be able to earn some kind of a discount simply by putting up a good effort. It’ll have you driving off in a new car that costs you less than you anticipated it would.

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