What is AR Zone App on Your Samsung Phone & How To Use It

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Do you use a Samsung mobile phone? We believe that you’ve gone through the app list and are searching for what is AR Zone app on your phone and how to use it? If yes, then you are at the right place because, in this article, we are going to discuss everything that Samsung’s AR Zone app has to offer to the users. 

AR stands for Augmented Reality which is an experience of objects from the real world’s environment on electronic devices. For example, visuals of trees, humans, etc. on devices such as phones with the help of digital visual elements, sound, etc.

What is the AR Zone App on your Samsung phone?

Ever wondered “What is the AR zone on my phone”? Here’s all you need to know. 

The AR Zone App provides Samsung users with AR-related features like AR Emoji Camera, AR Doodle, AR Emoji Studio, AR Emoji Stickers, Deco Pic, Make-Up and Quick Measure. The AR Zone application is integrated with the camera and offers a lot of features to play with. 

Features of the AR Zone App on Samsung smartphones

You need to download or upgrade all the features inside the AR Zone application if you have never used it before. After doing that, here’s everything that the AR Zone has to offer:

AR Emoji Camera: The AR Emoji Camera allows you to capture your photos and mask them with some cool animated emojis. The AR Camera offers two options, i.e. scene and mask, which show the full character animation and the character face animation, respectively. It comes with built-in facial expression recognition. 

AR Emoji Studio: The AR Emoji studio is an exciting feature which allows you to turn yourself into an animated character and share it with your friends. Follow the steps given below to use this feature. 

  1. Go to my emojis. Take your picture and press next. The app will automatically create your character emoji that resembles your face.
  2. You can customize your character or emoji by styling and designing your clothing, shoes, skin colour, hairstyle, fashion accessories, etc. 
  3. Now go to AR Emoji Stickers feature, and you will find your character with a variety of expressions in the form of GIFs.
  4. You can now share your animated characters with your friends. 

AR Doodle: The AR Doodle feature allows you to draw on whatever you are capturing in a video clip. There are a variety of pens and colours to draw on the video clip. 

Deco Pic: The Deco Pic feature allows you to capture photos with preset GIFs, stickers, stamps, frames, etc. There are a lot of presets available to use, and you can also download more if you want within the app. 

Make-up: The make-up feature is specially made for the ladies. It offers a lot of skincare and make-up options to make changes in your photos. You can take your picture and select any make-up option like lipstick, hair colour, skin smoothening, etc. 

The skincare option in this feature evaluates the quality of your skin and gives you a score when you take a picture. Further, the app also recommends various skincare products that you can buy online based on your skin score. 

Home Decor: The Home Decor feature allows you to check whether a particular piece of furniture fits in your room or office when you want to make a purchase. Cool, isn’t it? 

Picture Link: The Picture Link feature is more of a photo or video editing app that allows you to capture photos or videos and further add virtual elements or videos or audio files to an image. 

Note: The AR Emoji Editor, AR Emoji Stickers, and the Picture Link app have to be downloaded separately, which further gets integrated into the AR App. 

Can Non-Samsung users get access to the AR Zone App on their smartphone?

The AR Zone application is available on almost all the new Samsung phones. 

Now, even if you are a Non-Samsung user, you can use the AR features on your phone by downloading the AR Zone App from the play store


The AR Zone App from Samsung is an experience of all the outside world’s environment on your smartphone. You must use this app if you are into exploring new features on your android phone or interested in Augmented Reality features. 

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