October Kingsley – The Biography of Actor, Director, Producer, Screenwriter & Poet from Hollywood

october kingsley

October Kingsley, who is rated as one of the most emerging producers and actresses from Hollywood is very less known to the people outside of the movie business/industry. She falls in the list of a very few celebrities who want to keep their personal life secret and keep doing the awesome work that she does. 

In this article, we are going to share October Kingsley’s biography for all the fans and people who want to know her.

Who is October Kingsley?

October Kingsley is a Producer, Director, Filmmaker, Screenwriter, and Actor in Hollywood, California. 

She made her acting and directorial debut with an independent feature film, “THE SEDUCTION OF DR. FUGAZZI“, co-starring the Oscar winner and legend from Hollywood Faye Dunaway. It was her first film as a director, writer, and an actor who was a psycho-sexual and a  strange thriller about a woman named Dr Anna Fugazzi. Her movie got such excellent reviews while it was screened at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL that TROMA ENTERTAINMENT released it worldwide afterwards.  

October holds a double major degree in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of California, United States. She is also fully proficient in speaking English and Hindi languages. Her height is 5’4” inches (1.63m). 

Ms October Kingsley has become very popular for portraying or displaying very powerful and disturbed female characters in her movies whether she acts in them or produces them. She likes this genre a lot. 

Along with show business, October is also a poet. She recently has written a book of “Primordium Poetry” which is a great collection of very intense, erotic, and naughty poetries. It is available for sale on her website.

Facts you must know about October Kingsley

  • She doesn’t like to be in the news or headlines and wants to keep her life private. 
  • She has a reputation of portraying very powerful yet dusturbed female characters in her movies. 
  • October got the opportunity to debut along with the legend and Oscar winner Faye Dunaway from Hollywood. 
  • She has been in the movie industry for 13 long years and still delivers excellent work. 
  • There is not much information about her personal life online so it is next to impossible to know her dating secrets, net worth, etc. 
  • As of now, Kingsley is working on more than three feature film projects and is rumored to be in talks with various film and production studios in Hollywood and Abroad. 

Life quotes by October Kingsley

“Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to.”

“All great battles are capable of being won with a single, solitary smile.”

“I’ve got a one-way ticket to Hell, and I’m gonna raise Hell just getting there.”

October Kingsley’s social media channels

She rarely posts on social media but here’s a link to all Kingsley’s social media platforms:

Official Website
The Bottom Line

October Kingsley is one of the top producers, directors, and writers from Hollywood, California. A lot of people admire her for the creative work she does, not for fame but her passion for filmmaking.

You are definitely going to see much more of her work in the coming times as she is working on a lot of projects. 

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