3 Things You Need to Know About Black on Black Solar Panels

things you should know about black solar panels

Thinking about installing solar panels? Now is the perfect time to do so. The federal government has a tax credit for homeowners who install solar panels. 

When you think about solar panels, the color blue comes to mind. Did you know there are black solar panels too? Yes, black solar panels are a real thing. 

These are often known as black on black solar panels. What are black on black solar panels and what are the differences between them and the blue ones? Read on to learn three things you need to know about black on black solar panels. 

1. What are black on black solar panels

You want to know what are black on black solar panels. Let’s answer the million-dollar question. 

Black solar panels refer to monocrystalline panels. These look black to the eye. These are made from a single, high-quality silicon crystal. 

The silicon crystal contains a high level of purity. It’s higher than the purity in silicon crystals used to make blue solar panels.

2. How are black on black solar panels made

Black solar panels use monocrystalline solar cells. The Czochralski process is used to manufacture these panels.

This process uses a silicon crystal seed. The seed goes in a vessel or vat of molten silicon. In time, it’ll form a block of solid crystal silicon. 

Then the silicon block is sliced into silicon wafers. The wafers serve as solar cells. These cells produce energy. 

This process does waste a large amount of silicon. This is one of the downsides of making black on black solar panels.

3. What are the advantages of using black on black solar panels

You might be asking, “Are black solar panels better than blue solar panels?” Pure black solar panels do offer several unique benefits. 

These panels are more energy-efficient. These panels have a 15-20% efficiency. If you live in an area with low sunlight, these panels are ideal for your roof. 

These panels don’t take up a lot of space like other types of solar panels. Black solar panels are a better option for saving space. 

Black solar panels last longer. Most of their warranties are 25 years. These panels also cost less to install. 

Did you know black solar panels aren’t harmful to the environment? These panels don’t produce cadmium telluride. This type of metal can harm the environment. 

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Install Black on Black Solar Panels

If you want to install solar panels on your roof, your best option is black on black solar panels. These panels have several great advantages over other types of solar panels.

Now is the time to install black on black solar panels. Experience their benefits. 

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