How to Select Residential Solar Services: Everything You Need to Know

how to select residential solar services

Are you interested in buying solar panels in the future? If so, you’re in good company. Believe it or not, there will likely be three million solar panels installed in the United States during 2021.

The question is, how can you find a provider that will handle the installation for you?

You shouldn’t be careless when you select residential solar services. Follow the guide below to check your options for solar services to find the perfect one for the job.

Look for the right license

Installing solar panels isn’t a simple job. It requires a contractor to know electrical systems, building codes, and more. It’s a problem if someone can’t prove they can handle the job.

That’s why licenses exist for contractors. They study the required material and get a license that shows what they can do. Ask for the license number from a solar installer to ensure someone has the qualifications for the job.

Ask about scheduling

You probably don’t want to wait forever to complete your solar installation after investing in solar panels. However, you may wait some time for the job to get done if you decide to work with a solar contractor with a busy schedule.

It’s essential to ask about job scheduling before hiring a contractor to avoid this issue. Find a provider who can work with you on your timeline.

Gather pricing options

Pricing will be one of your most important considerations when looking for solar providers. You don’t have to pay for your solar panels upfront anymore. Many providers now offer financing and leasing options to their customers.

Look at the pricing options from at least three providers during your search. Check out to learn more about the pricing options available to you.

Check the warranty information

As good as solar panel designs have gotten over the years, they still aren’t perfect. There can be issues in the manufacturing process that causes some solar panels to fail.

You don’t want to pay for panels again because of an issue that’s outside of your control. Ask your installer what warranties you can get to ensure you’re covered in case of problems.

Read consumer reviews

It’s hard to find an established company that doesn’t have consumer reviews today. It’s simple for someone to sign on to the internet, go to a review website, and post their thoughts about a company.

An established solar provider should have many reviews online to look through. Check those reviews for red flags that may make a solar installer not worth hiring.

Do Your Research When You Select Residential Solar Services

You can’t afford to make a bad choice when you select residential solar services. You’re investing a lot of money when installing solar panels, so you need to ensure it gets done right. Keep the guide above in mind to find a company to provide you with the solar installation experience you deserve.

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