How To Go Greener in Simple Ways

how to go green

You’ve probably noticed lately that many people are talking about “going green.” In fact, leading brands like Coca-Cola, Walmart, Dell, and Honda are just a few companies that have gone green in recent years. Over 54% of countries in the United States are making moves to go green and be more sustainable.

If you’re feeling behind on that trend, here are a few tips for how to go greener in your everyday life.

Go digital

It can be wasteful to write down notes on paper or use a paper calendar to keep track of your days and appointments.

Choosing to go digital is a great way to be more sustainable. You’re using less paper, killing fewer trees, and contributing less to deforestation around the world.

Choose to reuse

It can be easy to drop in a glass jar from your strawberry jam right into the recycling bin. But before you do that, think about how else it can be used.

Can you make your daily cold brew in the jar? Could you use it for a cocktail glass for your next cocktail party?

Be creative!

Start composting

Every time that you eat a fruit or a vegetable, you are most likely throwing out the peel into the trash. When you do that, you are contributing more waste into the landfills.

To avoid this, you can start composting any food waste like fruits and vegetables. This will eventually decompose and be used as a natural fertilizer for growing other foods down the line.

So instead of waste, you are starting the process of naturally providing more nutrients to future food crops.

Use solar panels

More and more people are starting to use solar power to save the planet and be more sustainable. Not only is this better for the planet, but it is also better for your bank account as well.

Using a home solar company can reduce your carbon footprint in the comfort of your own home! 

Save water

If you cut down your showers from 15 minutes to 10 minutes every single day, you are using 1,825 fewer minutes of water per year. With the average flow rate of 2 gallons per minute, you are saving over 3,000 gallons of water per year as an individual.

Imagine if everyone did that.


Odds are you live pretty close to another coworker. If that’s the case, why drive two separate cars to work when you need to arrive and leave at the same time?

Instead, share a car. By doing this, you’re reducing gas emissions and your carbon footprint.

Follow these tips for how to go greener

It may be daunting to learn how to go green and make the switch quickly. But with these few tips, you are learning how to become more sustainable every single day.

Cut your shower time down, share cars with coworkers or friends, and switch to solar power – just to name a few.

Did you enjoy these tips for going green? Read more tips on our blog!

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