Looking to Go Zero Waste? Everything You Need to Know

how to go zero waste

More than 7 million deaths every year are linked to air pollution.

That’s why many people are now considering going to zero waste. The idea is to help reduce trash which destroys the environment. For example, reduce plastic pollution which endangers marine life.

Although you desperately want to go to zero waste, you don’t know where to start.

To help you out, here is everything you need to know about zero waste.

Monitor your water and electricity usage

Every week an average American family wastes 180 gallons of water. As you plan to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, start by looking for ways to reduce water and electricity usage. Begin with simple things like turning off the water when brushing your teeth.

Next, make a bold move of switching to solar energy to lower your electricity bill. So, find resources that educate on how much does solar save. You want to know how much money you’ll save by using solar power and how you’ll protect the environment.

Minimize food wastage

Americans are notorious for wasting food and don’t realize that this is affecting the environment. Food wastage leads to mountains of garbage and the emission of greenhouse gases. To adopt a zero-waste living start by reducing your food wastage.

Start by developing a meal plan to avoid buying unnecessary foods that you end up throwing away. Besides, when going grocery shopping, check your refrigerator to know the specific things to purchase. You want to avoid overstocking your fridge with the same items which end up going bad.


To lead a zero-waste lifestyle, you need to learn how to reuse and recycle. Start by learning how to separate your waste garbage into recyclable and non-recyclable. You want to make it easy to know the things to throw away (the biodegradable waste) and the things to reuse.

Choose to repair things instead of throwing them away

When things get broken, many Americans will throw them away and purchase new ones. The problem is that this leads to huge piles of trash that harm the environment. Besides, most Americans don’t follow the right methods of disposing of certain types of trash, such as electronics.

So, before you throw away an item, check whether it can be repaired. Understand that even though you no longer need the item, you can repair it and sell it. So, on top of going to zero waste, you’ll raise some money by selling these items.

Go zero waste to save the environment

We all have a responsibility to revert the current environmental damage. So, choose to go zero waste to play your role in achieving this goal. Start with simple things by reducing water and food wastage.

Also, consider making bold zero waste living moves such as switching to solar energy. Also, if you’ve broken home appliances, instead of throwing them away, consider repairing them.

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