How to Choose Solar Installation Services: Everything You Need to Know

how to choose solar installation services

Are you tired of high energy bills and unreliable sources of energy? If so, investing in solar technology is all you need.

Solar technology is cost-effective and qualifies for tax breaks. It’s also a renewable source of energy with diverse applications. However, to reap the benefits of installing solar panels, you should involve a solar installation expert.

But, before you choose solar installation services to engage with, be cautious. Not all service providers out there are reliable and competent.

Some will make you overpay for the solar system, while others might install the wrong solar panel designs for your home. To ensure the correct placement of photovoltaic panels, hire the best solar installation services.

Hiring the best solar installation services can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time to do so. So how do you ensure to hire solar installation services that will offer the best value for your money?

Here is everything to know on how to choose solar installation services.

Solar Installation Expertise

Solar installation is a capital-intensive project that must be gotten right with the first attempt. The project should be handled by an expert with in-depth knowledge of the installation and maintenance of various solar systems.

Thus, when choosing a solar installer, you must focus on their expertise. You can determine if the installer has the appropriate experience by checking the number of years under operations.

A solar installer in the industry for more than five years must have harnessed skills to handle even the most challenging installations. Besides, they are aware of all the rules and regulations that govern the installation and maintenance of solar systems.

You should also check whether the solar installer has passed the test of NABCEP. If they have and have more than two years of experience, they are the right for the job.

License and Insurance

Before any solar installation company begins operations, it must acquire a C-10 license from the state. Thus, before hiring any company, ensure they have a general electrical contractor’s license.

Apart from the license, make sure the company is insured. A solar company with insurance will have any injuries and damages arising during the project compensated by the insurance company. Thus, make sure the company has workers’ comp insurance and general liability coverage.

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Hiring a licensed and insured solar installation company is not always a guarantee for quality services. Some companies are licensed and insured, but their services fall short of expectations.

You can determine whether the company is reliable and competent by reading online reviews. Please start with the reviews on their website.

If such reviews appear too good to be true, check third-party reviews like those on the Better Business Bureau. A solar installation company with ratings of above 4 and lots of positive reviews is worth your trust.

You Now Know How to Choose Solar Installation Services

Finding a competent and reliable solar installer might be a challenging task. But with the right tips on how to choose solar installation services, the task becomes easy.

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