The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing the Best Solar Company Simple

guide for choosing the best solar company

Are you thinking of adding residential solar panels to your property? You’re not the only one. By 2025, about 2.5% of households across the US could feature panels.

Already, about 2 million homes across the country have solar panels installed.

Before adding solar panels to your home, make sure to find the best solar company in town. They’ll ensure you get the best possible products. They’ll also make sure your panels are properly installed.

Then, you can soak up the sun and start experiencing the benefits of going solar!

Not sure who to hire? Here are five tips that can help. Find the best local solar company around with these tips today. 

1. Consider Preferences

Before hiring a local solar company, take a moment to consider your distinct needs.

First, determine your price range. How many panels you’ll need can vary based on your monthly energy use. The type of roof you have and the roof’s light exposure are factors to consider, too.

Consider what type of solar panels you want as well. Look for companies that meet your needs and expectations. 

2. Talk to Friends

Do you know anyone with a smart solar system installed on the roof? Take the time to ask who they hired. Talking to friends and family members in the area can help you develop a list of installers.

Learn about their experience, too. For example, was the installation team friendly and professional? Did your friend experience any problems?

If you struggle to gather referrals, Google “best solar company near me” and start making a list instead.

3. Look for Experience

There are over 20,000 solar panel installation companies in the US. Some teams have more experience than others, though. During your search, visit each company’s Better Business Bureau profile.

Determine how long each company has run and operated.

An established business has likely worked out operational kinks. Determine who will work on your property, too. Ask to have an experienced installer work on your project.

An experienced solar installer will ensure the best possible results. 

4. Check Credentials

Take the time to check each installation team’s credentials as well.

First, make sure the local solar company is licensed and insured. Then, determine who will work on your solar installation project. Ask for a technician that’s a PV Installation Professional with NABCEP credentials.

These professionals complete extensive training. They’ll strive to meet the highest standards.

5. Consider Financing and Pricing

Determine how you want to finance your solar system. For example, you might want to lease them or buy them outright. Some homeowners prefer to enter a power purchase agreement.

Shop around. Gather quotes from at least three different residential solar installation companies. Then, compare your options. 

Shine Bright: 5 Tips for Finding the Best Solar Company in Town

Don’t rush when looking for a residential solar installation company. Instead, use these tips to find the best solar company around. With these tips, you can feel confident knowing an experienced team is on the job.

They’ll ensure you reap the rewards of going solar in no time.

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