The Elements of Modern Logo Design

elements of modern logo design

42% of consumers believe that a company’s logo effectively conveys its personality more than anything else.

Kudos on finally starting up your own business, but have you thought about the kind of logo you want? A logo is much more than pieces of shapes, letters, and colors being assembled; it’s what represents a business. In most cases, consumers will relate to your brand according to how your logo is designed.

Lucky for you, this article will divulge elements of a modern logo design that will bring out a brand’s identity.


The first element to always consider when designing a logo is keeping it simple while accommodating all aspects of your idea. At times, people tend to make creative designs by making it confusing and hard to understand at first glance. However, that’s no longer the case since professionalism is starting to get portrayed by how simple one makes their logo.

A simple logo communicates with clarity making it easier to understand within the first few glances. More so, someone is most likely to remember a simple logo compared to a complex one.


Symmetry is one of the logo design elements that will set out the aesthetic quality of your logo. The best logos designs incorporate the principle of proportionality by utilizing circles. This makes the logo pleasing and more appealing.


The originality of your logo should be top of mind when coming up with the concept. The best way to avoid mimicking other companies’ logos is to quickly search the different company logos in your niche. Try as much as possible to avoid the cliché of using some objects to represent companies in a certain industry.

To put this into perspective, most attorney firms have the weighing scale as part of the logo. Try to come up with original ideas that haven’t been used before, and you’ll undoubtedly get a good logo design.


A modern logo is timeless and should pass the test of time five years from now. Don’t mistake a modern logo for a trendy one since the latter runs out of steam and becomes irrelevant. Take time to analyze the market and see the types of logos considered modern and more appealing to the current generation.

Make your logo design in such a way that a few years from now, only some elements will be changed to update it. A good example is how Starbucks has transitioned its logo as time went by.


The logo design has to be versatile to accommodate the different contexts. When designing a logo, you should keep in mind how it would look on your website and company swag. The design should be flexible to large, small, and very small contexts while maintaining its integrity.

Which logo design software do you use? It’s now possible to design logo online free of charge.

Elements to follow to create the best modern logo design

If you want your modern logo design to be distinguishable from the rest, incorporate the above elements. That way, you will capture people’s attention for the longest time.

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