Debunking the Most Common Solar Energy Myths That Exist Today

common solar energy myths

Did you know that a solar panel system could completely eliminate your electricity bill every month? With enough sunlight and the right storage, solar panels are a wonderful way to conserve energy and help out the environment as well.

Have you ever thought about getting into the solar industry, but you are worried about some of the rumors regarding solar panels? Here are some of the most common myths about all types of solar panels, and how they are actually false.

1. Solar Doesn’t Work in Winter

You do not need to live in a sunny state like California to benefit from solar panels. In fact, solar panels can work better when the temperatures dip because their design functions more efficiently in the cold.

You may even get more solar power if it snows because the panels will absorb sunlight reflected off of the snow. For cloudy days, you can still get power, but you should also have smart solar batteries as a backup.

2. Solar Panels Cause Roof Damage

Adding an extra layer of material, such as solar panels, will actually protect your roof and can extend its lifespan. If a panel breaks, you can remove and replace it easily, rather than having a complicated roof repair.

When you talk to your local solar company, make sure to ask them about how best to protect your solar panels from damage.

3. There are Better Home Energy Sources

Although there are many energy sources that exist today, the solar industry is by far the cleanest that will save you the most money. Unlike other energy sources, solar panels are recyclable after their lifespan is over.

You will also not have to rely completely on the power grid in order to get electricity to power your home. If there is a blackout or natural disaster, you will have the resources to keep your lights on in almost any situation.

4. Your Home Value Will Go Down

Solar panels are one of the biggest factors that actually add value to a home. The average increase in the home sale price is around four percent, which can make a difference of thousands of dollars when you want to buy a new house.

Many new homes have solar panels pre-installed, so future homeowners looking for a greener option will be happy to see if a home already has them. The new homeowners can also use your local solar company if they have any questions or concerns about the solar panels.

Dispel These Solar Energy Myths

If you want to get solar energy for your home, you should not be afraid that it will impact you negatively. By combating these solar energy myths, you can make an informed decision and reap the benefits of the best smart solar system for your house.

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