Cincinnati Solar Panels: 3 Things to Consider About Solar Installation

cincinnati solar panel installation

Did you know there’s a 26% federal tax credit available for solar panel installation projects throughout the US? Even Cincinnati solar panels that are installed by homeowners and businesses pave the way for this cashback. 

We have gathered pertinent information to help you get started installing residential solar panels in Cincinnati homes and businesses. 

1. Cost of Cincinnati Solar Panels

People all around the state of Ohio are catching wind of the savings with solar panels as their source of electricity. Not only is the government paying the country back for solar installation, but solar energy saves on the cost of utilities all around. 

The cost of installing solar panels in Cincinnati averages $2.60 per watt. That average is lower than the national one, which is more like $3.00 per watt. This makes the average total cost of a 6,000-watt solar panel system $11,561 after claiming the 26% federal solar tax credit. 

2. Net Metering

Often, your solar panels will generate more power than you can use. Net Metering is a program in which utility companies pay you for the extra power your panels generate.  

Ohio has a few net metering rules to follow if you want to make this exchange. Some of the rules found in section 4901:1-10-28 of the Ohio Administrative Code are as follows:

  • Machinery used for generating electricity must be used mainly to offset part or all of your own electricity demands (up to 120%)
  • Passable generation resources include solar, biomass, wind, landfill gas, microturbines, hydropower, and fuel cells
  • Generating equipment must be located on your own property
  • Must be linked to the electric utility’s distribution system

You can learn more about localized installment from some of the best solar companies in your area. 

3. Solar Panel Placement

Ohio doesn’t get the same amount of sun as a southern state such as Arizona. Despite Ohio facing gloomy winter days, the state is still conducive to converting to solar energy.

The most critical factor with solar installation is paying attention to the sun’s primary location all year round. Since Ohio is a Northern state and deals with seasonal distances from the sun, the best place to install the panels is on a south-facing rooftop. 

The NREL is a national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy that provides a calculator to generate estimates of the power your solar panels will generate.

Don’t Delay: Install Today

Cincinnati solar panels can reduce your cost of living while paying you back for having the right equipment. 

In the end, you may have enough energy left over to power an electric car. That’s an exciting prospect, isn’t it?

Go ahead and claim those savings through the government’s federal tax credit. Start your savings today by getting those panels installed!

For more on solar in Ohio, keep coming back to visit our blog! We are always updating it with your tech and finance needs in mind! 

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