Best Tech News Websites and Blogs to Follow in 2020

best tech websites and blogs in 2020

Technology has changed completely modern-day livings. We saw on the internet that every day several tech products and gadgets are launching in the Market.

So at this time very important to keep updated with the new technology and tech hacks in the trends. Here we are going to publish about some of the trusted top Tech news websites in 2020 that deliver real news and product reviews.

Best Tech News Websites and Blogs in 2020

Here’s a  list of some of the best sources of tech information. 


Techradar(The source for tech buying advice) is the best online platform for Latest Tech news and trusted reviews about Mobile, Tablet, and PC.

TechRadar has many contributors worldwide and most of them America, the United Kingdom, AUS, and India. it’s Alexa Rank 559 Worldwide and having a lot of traffic from the USA region.


Cnet is the Most Tech Leading and getting million traffic on the Website in a Month. Cnet is the website focused on Tech Products and Gadgets reviews.

If you want to get the trusted reviews of any tech products than you can visit on Cnet and search the real and user rating reviews on that product. Cnet Alexa Rank in United Status is 93 and Worldwide 159 Rank. It’s a lot of traffic from the USA, Japan, and India.


Gizmodo is an online Tech Media website that produces real and organic quality Tech Articles, Videos, Blogs, and Tech Industry News on its Website Gizmodo. Gizmodo Alexa Rank in USA 535 and 1761 Worldwide.

Almost all of their traffic comes from USA regions. Gizmodo is the best website for Technology, Science, and Science fiction Articles.


The Next Web (TNW) is the most famed web journal and best tech leading website in the world having 9 million+ traffic in a month.

The Next Web Focusing on Security, Coding, Development, and Tech Startup News reporting. It’s Alexa Rank Worldwide 4585 and in USA 2983 today. TheNextWeb is the best online platform for the Internet of Things and upcoming gadgets.


Wired is an online emerging tech platform that introduces us to the Latest Tech News, Trusted reviews, and tech startup.

WIRED has one of the best editorial staff who provides important tech information all over the world. WIRED have a lot of fans and readers belong to the USA, UK, and India, etc. It’s WorldWide Alexa Rank 1219 and 449 USA Alexa Rank.

Digital Trends

Digital Trends is the best tech news website and blog for Tech enthusiast and Tech Leaders. It provides information about Entertainment, Lifestyle, Gadgets, and Tech things.

The Digital Trends is famed for its How-to Guide and Videos in 2020. It’s Alexa Rank is 709 Worldwide and 381 Alexa Rank. It is also the top leading website for computer technology and gadgets reviews. A lot of traffic comes from the United States, India, and Canada.

Trotons Tech Magazine

Trotons Tech Magazine is the internet’s top destinations for latest tech news, internet trends, hardware, software, tech products, gadgets, and science fiction. It is a dedicated platform for business and financial technology and it is a very definitive guide for how-to tech, security, electronics, computer technology, etc.

If you are a tech lover or a gadget geek then Trotons is the best platform for you. It publishes a lot of information about upcoming tech gadgets and tech products in the market.

Trotons Tech magazine has a worldwide Alexa rank of 242k. Most of its traffic comes from the USA, India, and the United Kingdom.


In this article, we discussed some of the best tech news websites in 2020. count on the if you need info about any technology trend or product.

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