Tips to Attract Digital Nomads to Your Coworking Space

how to attract digital nomads to your coworking space

Digital nomads are the workers who travel from one place to another and carry on their work along with the travel.

Their life is the ultimatum that the world has seen for Freedom in the corporate world, and to be honest, a major part of the youngsters wish to be a digital nomad at one point or the other.

From working with the most flexible working hours to not even knowing what time zone he would be the next week, digital nomads like to have all their way.

And in such a scenario, having to bring a digital nomad to your co working space in Pune can be a huge task.

Every coworking space management would love to welcome a digital nomad in their circle expecting the diversity and engagement they can bring in space.

Why should digital nomads be a part of your community?

Digital nomads have experience in abundance that everyone would love to be a part of and listen to. This would help your other normal users have a chance to interact with them, bringing more community strength in your coworking space. This might help build productivity in the people and experience for your users.

Digital nomads tend to travel. A lot. Them choosing your coworking space when they reach your locality and you providing them with the best amenities and services cannot get any better when they share their experience at your coworking space with the world.

It is free publicity for you too! And once, they love you, they might return the next time they are in the town.

Digital Nomads are also proficient in managing change effectively. They have a habit of working in different work environments and therefore handle their as well as teamwork very well.  

How can you attract digital nomads to your coworking space?

The basic thing of all the ways to attract digital nomads can be broken down into 3 steps. 

1. Knowing their needs

2. Implementing the needs

3. Letting them know about the amenities.

 Here are a few things that you must keep in mind before you set out to attract digital nomads to your coworking space.

1. Know what they need

1.1 Flexible hours

Digital nomads have clients from all across the world and the business hours for your space might not be the working hours for other countries.

Also, the digital nomads would want to work only on the hours that they think is comfortable for them, and that too, only for a few hours.

Having flexible and non-membership based approaches is what digital nomads look first in a coworking space.

1.2 Avail booking services

People who travel and work would first need a place to stay and then, a place to work. They might be in search of a pace where they can stay which is quite near to your coworking space. It can happen the other way too.

 A coworking space that helps the nomads get a booking for a space for them cannot make their day any better.

There is a  coworking space in Hadasper that provides special amenities with discounts on OYO, nearby gyms, hotel bookings, etc which are especially aimed at helping digital nomads.

1.3 Make them feel at home when they arrive

Digital nomads are not free for the feeling of loneliness at times, even though they seem to be enjoying the life they have now. At times, they might be fighting loneliness, which might be the first reason why they chose a coworking space over a tropical spot.

Make necessary arrangements in the community to welcome the nomads even though they are here for a temporary period. Get them to be a part of the activities of the coworking community, make them share their experiences, etc.

A feeling of normal working would make them leave the coworking space soon enough before they complete the tenure.

1.4 Do not slack in implementation

 Implement all the amenities that you think a digital nomad would want and what you have offered in your ads. Do not think that they will use your coworking space just because they do not find any other place with what they want.

Digital nomads tend to choose a working place only when they see those places are worth spending money, or they would choose to stay at their stay or in a natural place. 

1.5 Be proud of your clients

Showcase your clients and the accomplishments they have been doing while working with you.

Testimonials are the best way to get quick responses from unknown people. Also, be proud of your clients so that anyone who sees your love for them would want to be part of your community too.

1.6 Different means of communication

With people from different places coming up to different countries for work, communication and language can be a real problem. Some tools help you transcript information to any language you need.

Try implementing such tools for your website so that anyone who approaches your coworking space understands everything and feels included.

2. Letting them know about the amenities

2.1 Google Business

Make sure that you are listed in Google Business. This is because the first thing they do is google for the places they think have all the amenities they want.

They filter out their requirements and see if your coworking space is fit for them.

2.2 Social media presence

Be active on social media platforms and have pictures of your place and your earlier clients who are happy with your service.

Also, keep in mind, to mention the spots in your locality which are easily reachable from your coworking space along with your prior clients visiting those places.

2.3 Publicity for space

Some people tend to use a strategy here.

Digital nomads probably use coworking spaces for a few hours and that too for a few weeks. Instead of getting them to pay, you can ask them to give you free publicity in return for the easy and comfortable space that you provide them.

But, this might not always happen to work. Some people tend to keep up with their privacy and not promote other enterprises, while not falling for this deal.

2.4 Having good local support

It is always important that you keep a warm and welcoming relationship with your local community. The society around you is the first word of mouth marketers for you.

Digital nomads are quite different from the usual travelers who come to visit a place to see. They come to a place to be a part of the culture, to be one among the local people, and to be like a normal native for a few months and then leave.

They would first get to know their surroundings and neighborhood and let the first thing they hear about a coworking space be about you.

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