7 Factors to Consider When Buying a Luxury Villa in Dubai

Factors to Consider When Buying a Luxury Villa in Dubai

You can have a lot of troubles and difficulties when making the decision to buy a villa in Dubai. The investment is big and there are just too many options to avoid making mistakes.

Propertyfinder is one way to get an estimate on everything available but it’s clear you can’t rely on just that.

So, let’s take a look at some tips that experts recommend you consider when buying a villa in Dubai:

The location

Everybody knows that the first thing that determines the value of any real estate is the location. Consequently, it becomes our primary concern, right after the affordability and budget calculations.

Right off the bat, you should know what makes a location valuable and how you should choose the ideal location. Since it’s mostly based on your personal preferences, so make up your mind about the basic things you need.

A peek at your current lifestyle can reveal all the fundamental requirements you have from a home.

Amenities and facilities

You’d think about the facilities and amenities in the area instantly. That’s exactly what makes a property valuable.

The amenities and facilities that are surrounding a residence, e.g. parks, schools, hospitals, access to transportation, etc. These are the assets that determine the price of the same property to be different in different locations.

Thus, this is what you need to be looking for in the villa you’re buying.

Accessibility and serenity

The location should ideally be a suburb located in a peaceful neighborhood that’s not too far from the central city.

Don’t make the mistake of going towards inter-city areas for two reasons. One, it’s going to raise the prices by a good notch, and two, you need the place to be serene.

The developers

There are various developers with all sorts of residential development projects to choose from. To make it easier, talk to people who are, have been, or had lived or invested in villas.

People who have experience in off-plan investments can vouch for certain developers.

Developers tend to provide more than just properties in the area. They take care of the management and further internal developments within the community as well.

You can ask about plans regarding the neighborhood and make better choices.

Professional help

It’s never bad to trust professionals to give you the best advice. You can ask agents to crunch some numbers and give you a statistical analysis of certain communities that interest you.

Agents have experiences and can recommend developments that are going popular among buyers.

Furthermore, you can approach firms and ask what sort of benefits you can get with different developers.

Size and quality

Villas are no good if they’re either not big enough or if they don’t deliver on the quality of luxury. That means you should get everything that you can expect from a high-end luxury villa.

This can include top of the line facilities like fully-equipped kitchens and smart electric appliances.

Dubai villas are famous for having pools in their backyards along with 4-5 spacious bedrooms. That’s excluding the living and dining rooms.

For a family, it’s necessary to have this much space to have a comfortable life. For couples, this means they can use the spare space for all of their peculiar needs such as personal gyms, game rooms, theater rooms, etc.

Furthermore, ensure that your villa has the finest architectural design along with a durable structure. Don’t give in to first impressions. Carefully visit each property and ask questions about the materials used. You’ll find some villas to have marble tiles and weather-proof coating of paints while some offer nothing.

Don’t compromise on the designing, finishing, and furnishing of the property.

Keep in mind that a furnished villa should have all the luxury amenities like  in built air conditioners, ventilating systems, tankless water heater, and a lot more. You should keep in mind all the luxury things except basic facilities because it is a luxury villa.  

Servicing and maintenance costs

Just because you’ve bought a villa in Dubai, doesn’t mean your worries end there.

Many people don’t consider service and maintenance charges demanded by managers of villa communities to be much. However, these charges will come up regularly and if you take the annual sum, you’ll understand.

Make sure you are on top of every expense and complication you’ll encounter during your search. Don’t rush and make the wrong choice since it’s an investment of a lifetime


It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you have to keep certain things in mind before you buy a house or a villa. 

In this article, we discussed some of the major points that you should consider while buying a villa.

You must consider these points before buying a villa or a house. 

Do you have any more suggestions for things to consider before buying a property? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below. 

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